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Tentative new and amazing features of Apple’s iOS6!

There have been great assumptions over Apple new iOS6 in recent times. It is said that the new iOS6 will be flaunting 200 new features.  Apple’s new iOS6 is a rage; all developers are very keenly looking forward for the release of this version of iOS. Even the company which provides iPhone application development is getting every bit of information about iOS6 to take its full advantage.

Following are some tentative features of Apple iOS6 which will surely make a great difference in iPhone software programming and development:

Game Centre Features:
-Game Centre in-app experience: Game Centre will now be directly exposed in the game there is no need to go to app center to perform functions.
-Game Center Friends from Facebook: Now, you can find your Game center friends from Facebook.

New Map Apps:
-Transit Apps: It is said that Apple will be integrating, promoting and featuring transit apps with in Maps App.
-Map Kit: It is an API which will let iPhone programming developer to integrate maps into their application.

Camera Changes:
-Controlling camera focus and exposure:The ability to control focus and exposure without just pointing to the spots will allow developers to provide manual control in their own camera apps.
-Video Stabilization: Earlier it was only with in built camera but now it can be used with third party camera apps.
-Face Detection API: The face detection API of in Built camera will now be accessible with third party camera apps.
-Reading and writing metadata:The new API will allow developers to read the metadata including all possible information about the picture captured and write it back out more quickly.

Safari Changes:
-Safari Javascript made faster: Safari is made faster.
-App in Safari Search results:This is only a guess work till now.

These are not all; there is lot more to come. Apple new iOS6 is seemed to have great potential and capability to enhance the current trends of iPhone software programming.No matter what, new Apple’s operating system is the most awaited development on Apple Inc side.

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