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Get new iPhone 5 by selling your old iPhone to Apple!!

We all are very excited about the new iPhone5 lined up for release in September 2012. There is great anticipation from both Apple users and Iphone developers for this new Apple smartphone. It is expected to be the number one in its category of smartphones.


The rumors about the expected features in the new iPhone 5 are just enough to build in the curiosity for buying the iPhone 5 as soon as possible. Pre booking of iphone 5 smartphones will be starting soon.

In order to amplify the drama surrounding iPhone5 and attracting more users, Apple appealed to all those users who are using old Iphone models and are willing to buy iPhone 5 that Apple is ready to buy their old phone so that they can buy the new model.

This is under the Reuse and Recycling program launched by Apple. So, now an excellent condition iPhone4S 64GB can be sold for $345 while used iPhone4 16GB can be sold for $160.

The users only have to send their Apple power cable along with the phone to the Apple and in return Apple will send the gift certificate which can be used to buy iPhone 5 when it is launched.

So, great news for iPhone users and iPhone apps developers for enjoying the latest iPhone applications on the expected 4inch Retina Display!!!! Go grab it!!!

For more information visit: http://www.gizmodo.com/5939106/apple-will-buy-your-old-iphone-for-good-money-so-you-can-buy-a-new-iphone-5


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What’s trendy in iPhone software programming market??

Apple Inc. is enjoying all attention and current status that it has never attained in the past. But it is also seen that many other mobile platforms are climbing the rope slowly to hit hard on iPhone reign. The first rival name is of Samsung with Android OS. In competition to iPhone and iOS, Samsung launched various Galaxy models loaded with Android OS rendering almost similar features that too at reduced cost.

Though, iPhone and iOS development is still at top with second position grabbed by Android yet there is threat to iPhone to be faded by the Android existence.

Happening & upcoming horizons in iPhone apps development:

Apple is all set to explore new and upcoming horizons announced by it to be launched by September or end of the year. The new iOS and upcoming smart devices have created lot of buzz in the market and users are keenly waiting for its launch and delivery. The new iOS is stated to enhance the user experience fully. New iPhone 5 has also grabbed many eyeballs because of its expected 4 inch Retina Display. Next, is the iPadMini which may hit the tablet market in a great way? It is said to be the more than the iPod but less than the iPad size.

New trends in iPhone apps development:

Custom iPhone apps development is booming business and career option these days. The developers are enjoying the user response and fiscal benefits via these iPhone applications. If we talk about what are the latest and thriving trends among users and developers then on top of the list is photo applications, followed by games and last is the enterprise applications. But now iPhone developers are planning to buck up in the genre of enterprise applications so that iPhone not only be useful for consumer type but also business type users.

Overall, we can say that there is lot more happenings going on in the iPhone world. The iPhone apps developers have rolled up their sleeves to meet the expected rising standards of iPhone 5 and iPadMIni along with new iOS. Companies are also refreshing their resources to meet the new demands of users after the launch of these new products in the market. So, let’s wait and watch what difference it makes in the Apple world.

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iPhone 5’s 4 inch display may become a killer feature!!

Many rumors are surrounding the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 5. Many mobile experts are sharing their own presumptions and expectations from the immensely talked about smartphone. According to mobile experts if Apple will is planning to have 1136X 640 Retina display in their next generation smartphone then it will have a potential to become the numero-Uno 4 inch phone in terms of panel specification in the market.

iphone5 inch screen

Iphone 5 will be a killer if it will be equipped with 4 inches on the diagonal with a resolution of 1136x 640 pixels and 32 dpi, the Retina Display. Moreover, experts said that if Apple’s new device will continue to push boundaries like this then it will certainly put all other mobile vendors in a big trouble.  In addition it will force other phone vendors to release new smartphones with 4 inch display to counter the competition imposed by the Apple iPhone 5.

This news has increased the curiosity of all the waiting lovers of Apple iPhone. The users are keen to experience the new 4 inch Retina Display. It is because the resolutions are higher than other 4 inch handsets manufactured by vendors like Samsung, HTC, and Sony etc. It is also brought an air excitement among iPhone apps developers who are looking very eager to see how their apps will look on new retina Display and how they can modify their iPhone software programming for better looking applications.

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True or just rumors: iPhone 5 & iPad mini developments!!

From last few months we are constantly coming across rumors about the new iPhone 5 under development. It is anticipated to be released by the year end. If the rumor is true, it is very exciting news for all Apple gadget lovers and iPhone apps developers. With the new iPhone in the line, iPhone industry is very positive about new foreseen product.

iPhone 4S was launched with a very marginal improvements from iPhone 4 in 2011. It had features like voice recognition Siri and a cloud storage iCloud. iPhone 5 is expected to have back of both glass and aluminum. It is also expected iPhone 5 may have 7.9mm thickness, retina display, near field communication technology, passbook feature from iOS and a quad core processor. It is also estimated that may be in new iPhone 30 pin connector is replaced by 19 pin dock connector.

Next the much hyped iPad Mini. It is mini because it is said to give smaller screen size of less than 8 inch than usual 9.7 inches of iPad. The highlighted features could be high resolution Retinal display, 5 MP iSight camera, iLife and iWork apps. This is also expected to hit the market on Christmas. Experts said if Apple is actually launching iPad Mini or any other similar product than it will be a tough competition for Samsung Galaxy Nexus 7.

All leading iPhone apps developers and iPad apps developers are looking forward to these luring gadgets to hit the stores. The new devices will definitely bring new horizons for the mobile apps developers to explore and bring new excitement to the Apple user and developer family.

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How to Optimize your App on App store?

It is for all the developers who are ready with design and development of their great iphone app. We are considering that you have worked minutely on designing details of your application especially on the icon of app.  Now what’s next to make your app more searchable and popular? The new concept of AppStore SEO is gaining momentum in the market.

AppStore SEO is no different from SEO do for search engines. It works on the same concept of using keywords and search phrases to make your app more visible and Search Engine friendly. Similarly, the same concept works for increasing app visibility in all leading app stores.

However, optimizing App Store will not need big efforts but yes it needs lot of finesse.  Here are some handy tips for making your application App Store optimized:

1. Work on basics:  Here we are talking about the iTunes not the Google, Yahoo or Bing but the base principle of optimizing the App Store search engine remains the same. The SEO basics are same which deals with keywords, descriptions, Meta tags, titles etc. So, if you are new to SEO first make sure to become comfortable with SEO concepts.

2. Treat keywords as kings: Keywords are the phrases which are typed by people to perform search on Search engines or App Store. For the already developed application by you, look out for relevant and most popular keywords types by people to search apps similar to yours. You can take assistance from Google Adwords or other tools which can give you clear idea about the relevant keywords. Content and Title plays a great role in analyzing appropriate keywords.

3. Put Google Search criteria last in the list: It is noted that spending money on optimizing keywords in Google Search does not generate any significant results.  The fact is people looking for iPhone app will first search in App Store on the iPhone if unsuccessful there they will turn to iTunes on the Desktop. Therefore,  google search optimization for iPhone apps must be given least priority.

4. Add a descriptive name (Title) for your app: Title is the most significant plus result generating way in the process of doing App Store optimization.  For an effective title, include your main keyword. For instance: the popular apps on app store like iFitness or Camera Zoom have their main keywords in their title. iFitness includes Fitness and Camera Zoom includes Zoom. Moreover, don’t create any vague name for your app. Title should be description in itself.

5. Study the other successful apps:  Always learn that the apps at Top 10 of the iTunes are there for some reason. Either they have the popular idea or they were lucky enough to be loved by users.  It would be beneficial if you study and analyze them sincerely. Check out their titles, descriptions, type of content they used etc.

6. Piggyback on the successes: After the analytics and comparison of your app and the most popular ones what else you can do. We can say now use the studied successes in your own application description.  Eg. If you have similar app to the iFitness which is placed in top 10 of iTunes. Then you can add that in your description of the app. In this way, people searching for iFitness will certainly come across your application in the app store.

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