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iOS 6 improvement areas which surprises masses!!

Apple announced its iOS 6 beta 4 which is anticipated to be the model of what a modern operating system should be like. iOS 6 is said to reach Apple devices phones and tablets this fall . The new features of iOS6 when examined by experts illustrated some exclusive improvements made by Apple by focusing on key areas like convenience and accessibility.

Apple’s iOS developers worked with a vision to ease enhance the experience of touch based mobile computing for the masses. This also gave a great platform to iphone apps developers and iPad apps developers to take on this beta OS and develop some ground breaking and more conceited applications to wow the Apple lovers.

Here we are listing some exclusive improvements made by the iOS developers:

1. Siri can give more precise results: With iOS 6 Siri become more understanding and can now respond to user queries related to dining, bars, films and sports with more accurate results. Now, it will become very easy to look for nearby restaurants via Siri Yelp integration. Now, every night can be a movie night as Siri will show you the entire latest movie reviews and its showtimes. To play your favorite Angry Birds you only have to command Siri by saying “Open Angry Birds” and Siri does just that. Siri can also assist you posting your Facebook updates and Twitter tweets. It sounds quite interesting!

2. Welcome to the new world of Apple maps: New maps will transform the way to glance at the world. These maps are beautifully designed from the ground up and skydown. Map elements are said to be vector based which stated that the graphics and texts are detailed enough to surprise you even while zooming it. You can tilt and rotate the screen to view and area and map will tell you the name of street and places where it will go. Enjoy the spoken turn by turn navigation and real time traffic updates. Its high resolution quality will allow you to see over cityscapes to see amazing sight from air.

3. New Safari browser is like a real safari: iOS 6 is all set to bring more and enhanced web browsing experience to users via improved Safari browser. With iOS 6 Safari browsers will see expansion of some features which were introduced with iOS 5. Its iCloud Tabs will keep track of web pages you have opened on your device. The amazing thing is you can start browsing on one Apple device and can continue on any other Apple device. Moreover Safari will now save pages in your Reading List along with links, which means you can read those pages even when you are not connected to the internet. Now you can upload and post photos and videos to sites like Craigslist directly through Safari.

4. Improved Mail experience: iOS6 is expected to bring great mail experience. In new Mail it has more streamlined interface which is easier to work with. Now user can also set VIP list in Mail which will never let you miss any important message from your boss and better half.

5. FaceTime is now everywhere: Now with iOS 6, Facetime will run on both cellular and wi-fi. It means now you can make or receive calls anywhere.

There are some of the gem features from the expanded list of highlighted iOS 6 features. These features bring lot of scope for iPhone/iPad apps developers. This has really created a buzz among the Apple device users who are now eagerly waiting for the groundbreaking new iOS 6 official launch.

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