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Apple iPhone 5 under user tight scrutiny since launch!!!

Millions of users are enjoying their new slick iPhone5 they unwrapped this weekend. They all have mixed views about their new high tech device. Some are extremely mesmerized by its new latest features and some of them are not so happy with the new phone.

Apple’s prereleases publicity about the new iPhone 5 was seem to be very promising. Everyone all across the world was very eagerly waiting for the device to hit the stores. The hype was so high that Apple sold almost 5 million devices on the first three days after the release of the device. It actually went out of stock in just three days of the sale. That was the real impact of the Apple’s high end marketing and believes people have in Apple and its products.

This made Apple and its iPhone developers very boastful and why not because such a great response at the any product launch can only be associated with Apple iPhone. But on the other hand, now Apple should be ready to face tight scrutiny by the iphone users and iphone apps developers.

Within hours of the sale, many people were reporting some problems and glitches about their new devices. There were issues related to scratches on the back side of phone, flaw in the camera, passbook issues, phone hang-ups and many more were in the list. However, Apple has not responded on any of the issue reported yet. But this will really need a foolproof justification and remedy from the side of iPhone programming professionals.

One more issue that actually has to be addresses very quickly is with Apple maps. Apple in their new IOS6 skipped the Google maps and launched their own maps but however they are not as successful as it predicted to be. Google is master in the domain of maps and it would take some time for Apple to generate the similar quality maps. This also shows how Apple and iPhone apps developers have to roll their sleeves and work intelligently to remove the flaws.


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Record Sales of iPhone5 Happy News for Your Business!!

Apple is taking a step ahead with its new smartphone iPhone5. To everyone’s surprise as soon as the Apple unveiled its new sleek device, more than 2 million devices were booked by the Apple fans. It broke all previous records of pre booking orders. This depicted the trust and craze for Apple smartphone iPhone5 among the people all across the globe.

It once again cleared the air about the rumors that this time Apple may see downfall in sales due to the incredible success of Android Samsung Galaxy S3. But with the big figures coming around about sales order all market experts are amazed. The grand presales figures are not good news for Apple alone but for every business which is on iPhone or is planning to invest on iPhone platform. More than anyone else, iPhone apps programmers, iPhone games development apps, iPhone GPS apps programmers and many more would be happy to see that this new device is grabbing so many users attention. It also gives the boost to roll their sleeves to deliver more unique and entertaining iPhone applications which makes this new iPhone5 more attractive and a new experience.

Highlights that make iPhone5 a hot selling cake:

  • Improved, quicker internet connectivity.
  • Apple maps applications that permit users to simple ask Siri to show the desired destination.
  • A voice recognition service (Siri) allow users to book their movie tickets, open angry birds and many other tasks by just giving voice command.
  • Tighter social media integration.
  • 8 MP camera.
  • 4 inch long screen with improved screen resolution.
  • New OS iOS6.

Mobile marketing experts feel that it is spot-on time for business people to invest in an iPhone application or mobile optimized website. Market trends from last few months have divulged that mobile search and mobile brand building is on the upsurge. It means that people are using their mobile devices extensively to perform search. Every business is steadily realizing the actual potential and need to join the race as soon as possible. Market expert stated slowly the trend of mobile search will grab maximum share of the total internet search. It implies that it is very obligatory for all business big or small to make their presence on all smart devices.

There are four things that you will need for augmenting your mobile marketing:

1. Having an optimized mobile website: You can either start with auto formatting your existing website as per mobile dimensions or you can have brand new mobile optimized website which is independent from your regular website.

2. Try to be location specific: Always deliver your user with location specific results. Tha you can do either by integrating with social platforms like Facebook and Foursquare.

3. Have a groundbreaking iPhone app: Iphone app will certainly promotes personal relationship with user. It makes users and service provider stay connected.

4. Initiate mobile brand building campaigns or promotions: It means that you must have an interaction with your users and potent customers. Campaigns can be run via emails, text messages, social media etc.

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Are you Ready for iPhone Apps Development with New Screen Size?

In the recent conference held, Apple unveiled its much talked about new device called iPhone5, a big generation leap to previous Apple iPhone handsets. Apple’s iPhone5 is all set to hit the market with almost double pre-order all across the world than the iPhone4S last year in just two hours which is a remarkable day in the history of smartphone history.

People and iPhone developers are just going haywire over new looks and features packed in the big screen iPhone5. The most luring thing which is main cause of the fantasy to all Apple lovers and iPhone apps programmers is the new Retina screen size of 4 inches with superior resolution. The iPhone5 is beautifully designed in aluminum body with 4 inch screen and eye catching pixels which makes graphics more appealing and soothing.

The screen size is causing fantasies because now the iPhone programmers have to update their apps in a way to utilize the extra pixels smartly. As per the survey with developers who are having many successful apps in iTunes stated that they are all ready to upgrade their apps as per the new screen size to make it popular among iPhone5 users also. It is not the first when iphone apps programmers have to upgrade their already existing apps due to screen size and resolution. At the time when iPad was launched then also developers had to upgrade their apps for the bigger screen size and later when iPhone4S was launched with Retina screen developers once again had to modify their apps.

Now, the change is for iPhone5 which bigger screen along with new Operating system called iOS 6. The new OS is stated to be loved by all the iphone apps developers & iPad apps developers. As soon as the iPhone5 will reach the shelves, there iTunes will be loaded with the new upgraded apps which will run smoothly on iPhone5 big screen without hampering user experience. So, be ready so that you are not left behind in the race.

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Bigger screen iPhone5 is here- 17% thinner & feather weight!!

iPhone5 is officially here. If we talk technically it is the sixth generation of Apple iPhone but officially it is named as iPhone5. There were tons of anticipations associated with the iPhone5 from last many months.


iPhone application programmers from all big and small iPhone software programming companies were enthusiastically waiting for the launch of this smartphone in the market. As per the iPhone critics and fans, the new iPhone5 either would be a killer or will lose to Android smartphone galaxy S3.

First glance to iPhone5 from user and developer point of view:

As a user- iPhone is much taller and light in weight. With time iPhone has gone slimmer upto 18% from 0.37ich thickness to 0.30inch thickness. To look sleeker it has reduced weight also by 20% and settling 3.95 ounces. It will also flaunt 4 inch taller screen with pixels 1136×640 in 16:9 aspect ratio.

It means that now user can see five rows of icons on the home screen. It will be nice to see because it will let user to have less number home screens and even the calendar will show more events. The iWork apps can also perform better than before. Now the images, videos and movies will look beautiful and eye catching as the screen will flaunt 44% more color saturation than iPhone 4S.

The big and bright new screen of iPhone5 will certainly mesmerize the users. It will also give better hold in hands of user. The faster chip of A6 will take user experience to next level. The graphics will run speedily and the web pages will load 2.1 times faster. Moreover, the music apps will run 1.9 times faster.

As an iPhone apps developer: being a developer new bigger screen will surely fascinate. The developers must making out plans to utilize this extra screen wisely. The faster chip will make applications more run faster. That means now more functionality and graphics can be used in games by iPhone games developers as they can be loaded speedily.

Apple also promises its users and developers that iPhone 5 now will have reliable backup of upto 8 hours of 3G talk time, 8 hours of 3G browsing, 8 hours of LTE browsing, 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hours of video playback, 40 hours of music playback, and 225 hours of standby time. The iOS6 will also grab developer’s attention as it will be having many new features like Google maps replaced with Apple maps, improved Siri integration, shared photo streams, enhanced email integration etc. So, iPhone apps developers can now see how they can use these features in their apps to make it large.

The pricing of iPhone5 will be same as previous phones: 16GB is $199, the 32GB $299 and the 64GB $399.

Now, the fate of iPhone5 and iOS6 will be decided once it goes open for sale !!!


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Be the first one to launch app as iPhone 5 is coming your way!

The news of launch of iPhone 5 is in the air. Everyone is just waiting keenly to get the first look of the phone. The phone is successful in gaining immense popularity before its launch only. Apple is also sounding very confident about its new phone and other flamboyant features the phone is expected to flaunt.

As per the predictions, this smartphone will be the best in the history of smartphones. All iPhone apps developers and programmers are very anxious and excited to see how the new resolution of the phone will display their applications. The phone is anticipated to have bigger screen of 4 inch from its predecessors.

The iOS6 is also like a fancy land for iPhone apps programmers as it is also having many new features which they are waiting to explore. As Apple has always been the winner in hardware and software presentation so this also history may repeats. So, it is a great time iPhone apps programmers to be among the first few players to develop an app which will match the standard and utilize the features of new product.

The features of iPhone 5 hardware and iOS6 OS as per experts are sounding good but rest will be substantiated when they both will go live. Once the new phone and operating system is out in the market then only the exact superiority of iPhone over other smartphones and operating systems can be explained.

As mobile apps developers there will be direct comparison between the new iOS 6 and recently launched Android 4.1 jelly bean plus iphone5 features and Samsung GalaxyS3. Though iOS and Android are the leading players of the smartphone market, they are always put into direct comparison.

Market is up roaring with the great hype associated with new smartphone on the line. The actual results and verdict will be passed once the phone is launched.

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