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Apple iPad Mini all set to make game lovers happier!!

apple ipad mini

As Apple unveils its new product iPad Mini to be introduced in the market, market experts have already started making high expectations from the device. Even, Apple itself said boastfully that the new device could be the game changer in the iOS gaming and in future may also be in console gaming arena. The speculated dimensions of the new device are like it should fit in one hand at 7.9 inches long and 5.3 inches wide. It will weigh around 68 lbs along with AirPlay streaming capability.

Flashback of iOS gaming!!

The major players of Console gaming Microsoft XBOX with over 40 million subscribers and Sony PlayStation with around 90 million subscribers. But now the Apple says that it’s not only about console gaming now. To support this it says its game center has more than160 million active accounts.

Apple app store!!

Apple also stated that its App Stores witnessed 35 billion app downloads since launch of its App Store. The app store now holds more than 600,000 iOS applications and having more than 250,000 applications for iPad developed by leading iPhone application developers.One can easily see the iphone or iPad users slashing away their screens, playing popular games like Fruit Ninja or Slinging Angry Birds, high Octane and may more.

iPad Mini VS XBOX & PS!!

It is said that though Apple is very certain about the capabilities of its new device but somehow the new chip and graphics specs are not as impressive as with XBOX or PS. Moreover, they may also not b potent enough to deliver the similar experience like XBOX and PlayStation gaming.

Though, it may advantage in its section of tablets as it is priced at $329. It may give tough competition to its counterpart’s tablets offered by its rival Android in the similar size category. It has dual core A5 chip which is also a plus point in comparison to other similar models in the market.

Apple has raised plenty of speculation about its new product. But the real story is apart from some smashing hit iPhone applications there are quite time wasters but graphically good iPad applications in the store. This poses a high duty on iPhone application developers and iPad application developers to come up with some particularly deep and intense iOS games.

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Money no bar for Satisfied & Happy iPhone Apps Users!!

As iPhone apps developers we all want high revenue from our applications. We do everything from having the best design for our app and then putting in all unique and useful functionalities to make our app look great. We also put lots of sessions on whether we should go for paid app model or free app including in app payment model for getting the expected revenue from the apps.

The development companies also go for sheer development process from highly skilled iPhone apps developers having great knowledge about app stores and platform. But now most of the time developers ignore the actual key to success of apps in the App Store. Now, when the users are very mush familiar with apps and have millions of application to choose from then what is a feature that will actually make user satisfied and lured towards your chat. The answer to entertain the user need right when he needs it i.e. Live chat integration. This feature is getting high popularity among web businesses. Live Chat Bridge the gap between user and the business provider.

Live chat integration in application will certainly give your app an edge over others. The users will never ignore an app that is always there to answer his queries. It especially works well for businesses which provide some kind of services to users like health, beauty treatments, taxi service, movie booking and list goes on. This feature will definitely make your users extremely happy and if they are happy they tend to spend more.

So, if iphone apps developers are anticipating earning good revenue from your iPhone app integrate Live Chat into your applications. The more your will have direct interaction with your customers the more users will be free to spend money to avail your services.

In a nutshell, happy users spend more money why ?

They get answers to their problems in not less than a min.

It saves their time and efforts to make a call or send a query email.

It creates a reliable trust between customer and service provider.

24 hour availability makes user secure and interested about the quality of service provider.

If user is getting everything at time he needs he will not mind in spending some extra bucks to save his efforts.

It shows that service provider care and world for users and their feedback is important.

The real time example of happy users spend more money is the shooting sales figures of Iphone 5. Apple is a reputed brand in smartphone market and the new iPhone 5 is the costliest smartphone available in the market till date but then there is high demand and less supply which means Apple has built a huge trust in user’s heart that they are ready to spend any amount of money to grab their Apple device. This is great news for developers and a lesson to be learnt that nothing can force user to spend money more than their satisfaction.


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New iPadMini posing like a severe headache for iOS developers!!!

Apple stores are witnessing loads of buzz in their stores these days because of the recent launch new Apple iPhone5 in the market. Apple iPhone5 broke all sales records in spite of the fact that it has many shortcomings from user’s point of view. This proved the customer satisfaction has given users in past five years that after all the issues stated they are still ready to spend ample amount to grab their piece of device.

Let move ahead with the news of another product that is soon to be announced by Apple on October 23 probably. The device is called as iPad Mini – a mixture of iPhone and iPad screen size. It sound quite interesting for users to see a new line of product in Apple stores but it will certainly a brainteaser for many iPhone apps developers and iPad apps developers.

New screen size may pose questions!!

Now, Apple is well known with the popularity and issues going on with Android due to its device fragmentation. However, it worked in favor of Android but Apple is just playing the gamble especially with the developer’s environment.

From the very beginning iOS environment has been very favorable and easy for developers. New or experienced developers never felt any chaos while making apps for either iPhones or iPads. But the scenario may change when a new screen size will be launched. Though, iPhone apps developers have already facing some unease to make a shift from 3.5 inch screen to 4 inch screen.

So, one can imagine what a screen size of range in between 3.5 inch to 9.7 inch will do to developers!! Now, all depends on the Apple how it transforms its development environment and not makes this new device a headache for developers.


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Be a leader in market with custom iPhone application development!!

Every business across the globe is simply astonished by the indulgence of iPhone as a smartphone in the business and users life. IPhone apps development has set new records in what a mere phone can offer a user in the name of apps and in built features. The impact and response to iPhone technology is beyond words even the market experts were spell bound to see the long queues of people to grab their iPhone 5 set at the launch few days back. The crowd all over the world was singing praise for iPhone and its outstanding application reshaping their lives.

iphone apps development has not proved itself impeccable for personal use even at the business or enterprise it has proven its worth. Almost all leading businesses are either on iPhone or planning shortly to reach the iphone world. The enterprise application development on iPhone is bit tedious because of its end user centric approach but steadily they development environments are becoming more secure. IPhone programmers are working judiciously on developing features which could help enterprises to inculcate efficiency in their businesses via iPhones.

The increased level of adoption of iOS devices at enterprise level demonstrates the craze and trust people have in these devices. The accelerated adoption has also lead to change in the many online trends like internet search, mobile apps, and inbuilt features. The mobile apps development industry has loads to owe iphone developers to give a global stabilization to this industry. The iphone apps developers undeniable have given a completely new meaning and standards to development of apps for mobile platforms.

If users are going haywire over iPhone or other Apple devices then it’s the hard work of iPhone developers who worked meeting the needs and desires of today’s user. Custom iPhone app development offer following luring benefits that no enterprise can resist the need to be on the iPhone:

  • Streamline your business though efficient communication and collaboration
  • Be with your customers all the time
  • Immediate response or feedback from the users or customers
  • It saves time and widen user network

These are some of the reasons, why custom iPhone development is the key to cultivating business efficiency. This makes custom app development on iOS platform a favorable plus need of the hour as a part of the sustainable development. So, if you have a business and want to upsurge its ROI, and efficiency, you know what to do right!


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How To Get Your Ex Back

Planning to have a smashing hit How To Get Your Ex Back in the iTunes? Or Just looking for making your small scale business online so that you can expand your business opportunities. After the mind blowing success and sales of iPhone5, the world has gone in hands in iPhone5. It was the sheer example of the love and trust people have in Apple iPhone and its apps that they bought the phones even at such a high price.

This is bought bit unrest among small businesses that it has become almost mandatory to join the iPhone apps platform in order to stay ahead with persuasive business prospects. But many of them are still very reluctant in making a strong decision for joining iOS due to its high cost of iPhone application development and tedious process of iTunes to pass the app for submission.

One more trend that is prevailing among these small scale businesses is that they are looking out ways to develop their iPhone app on their own. So, here are some the very useful and handy tools which do not need much fluency in the technical coding like Objective C and C++.

To name a few tools for small scale iPhone application development:

  • App Breeder
  • Appcelerator
  • Appcookr
  • Appmakr
  • AppMobi
  • Kanchoo
  • MobiCart
  • Mobbase
  • mobileApploader
  • Phone Gap
  • PhoneGap build
  • Sencha touch
  • Unity Mobile
  • Zocalo Labs

These tools have enough functionalities and API’s to go ahead with your Iphone apps development plan. So, good luck with your new and expedient app.


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