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Consumer Watch Dog

Consumer Watch Dog application is a supportive app for today’s consumers where they can raise their voice against any dissatisfaction they face. This application solves the purpose of providing a handy and convenient medium for consumers to lodge their complaints and show their discontent towards any big corporation, product manufacturer, politician or any other service provider. It also becomes a platform to educate policy makers, the media and the general public about the real problems faced by the real consumers.

The application is very easy to work on. It has very friendly interface where you can easily look for complaints and alerts posted by people. You can easily have a look at latest news, blogs, videos and podcasts related to consumer rights and complaints. This application also gives you a podium to alert your respective organization, politician or product manufacturer to stop certain acts or become more sensitive towards some issues.

The best part which is enjoyed by every consumer in trouble is Dog House feature where you only have to select the place for your culprit, then select its photograph, add you witty comment and at last click on save. Your trouble will be in the dog house. You can share this via Facebook and Tweeter so that your family and friends also come to know about your displeasure and how it is affecting you. It will certainly grab the quick attention and you never know your problem get solved quickly. It is because no brand and politician wants to get bad repo among its masses.

The app is must for every consumer to tell the concerned authorities about their shortcomings and failure to meet consumer demands and needs. This application also gives chance to consumers to give their bit of contribution by donating some amount as per their wish to help Consumer Watch Dog fight for Consumer right protection in a better way.  So, download this app to become more responsible consumer.


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iRant – Video Message Sharing

iRant is a video message sharing application for iPhone and iPad. Users can upload the videos from Video Gallery or by capturing the Live Video from device camera. If their friends like the video they can rant back to the video. It means that they can leave a comment with a video upload rather than only a mere string of text in comment.

Basically, the purpose of this application is to let user capture, view and share their videos in just few taps. The application is designed in a user friendly manner with easy categorization of videos like Reality Tv, celebrity, political, dating service, jobs, family, restaurants, birthday, real estate, entertainment, music, babies, vacation and many more.

Each category has specific videos listed in it. You can view these videos and share it with your friends through Facebook, Twitter and Email.

The best feature that makes it a must for every iOS device is its easy functionality including features like you can upload videos very easily or make the new ones instantly. Next it takes communication to a next level as we all know “Video says it all”. It will take just few seconds to share it with your friends and family all across the globe in just few seconds. User can download iRant App from iTunes.


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