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InFocus Pro innovative way to get organized !!

iOS applications running on iPhone and iPad have a general personification of being simplistic yet portraying a fluidic user experience. Every users wants a well organized app that can run properly without any lag. However nobody wants an organizer that is way too simple nor advanced that it becomes confusing to operate. A perfect app ought to hit a perfect cord between the two ends.

An organizer is meant to manage daily activities for anyone. One such app called InFocus Pro surely fits the profile, of a fully loaded app with a simplistic UI. It is an application that can surely make a smartphone even more smarter.

There are a list of happening features including one touch navigation, calendar displaying appointments at a glance, simplified data entry, to-do’s that makes a user stay focused etc. With the additional integration of notes, the prompt thoughts can also be captured safely. The best part of this app is the free handwriting feature where anyone can draft appointments and notes in a personalized and custom style according to their color choice. There are even additional modules, which can enhance the accessibility by via pictures, sketches and sticky notes.

Users are able to graphically map their projects as folders and can even create sub-folders by categorizing them. One click allows them to expand or collapse any folder to view its sub-folder.

The most important aspect of any organizer is managing things in terms of priority. This app handles that with ease as it lets user sort and highlight projects according to priority. It also displays snapshots that keep users updated with tasks that require immediate attention. InFocus Pro has extremely innovative and organized features that are well organized in a simplistic UI. To download this iPhone App click here.


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Get push functionality of Gmail on iOS devices before 30 January

The iOS email application has some essential features that are admired by iOS users world wide. Having your email accounts sync in default email application lets you view all your emails in the unified inbox, which is incredibly convenient.

But as of 30 January 2013, Google will not be allowing new iPhones, iPads and iPod touches to setup up Gmail accounts using Google sync. This means that if any user would want to sync their emails on to their iOS device they would have to use IMAP service instead of Push service. However the accounts that have already been setup in the devices would continue to work.

There is no doubt that Google’s Gmail app for iOS is outstanding and supports push mail along with multiple accounts, but in iOS you cannot set third party applications as default. This would mean that you would also have to setup the account on default iOS mail app. Gmail app for iOS brings in a lot of functionality like stars and labels, and of course vacation responders. But the speed and and simplicity of native iOS main app has its own advantages.

iOS app developers have been asking Apple to make iOS more open and allow third party applications to be set up as default as is the case in Android. But it seems that Apple doesn’t want users to prefer third party applications overs its default apps. The iPhone application development has always been a priority for developers but it is a fact that Apple has always kept its ecosystem as closed as possible and not allowed developers to take control of full capabilities of iOS.

Many would believe that Apple only wants to promote its native applications which is why it does not let any third party application to be used as default. So the users who use Gmail application instead of syncing Gmail in their native mail have to open the application individually to send a mail. This is a big hindrance as users are not able to send emails from other applications as the native mail is set as default application and there is no other way to change that other than jailbreaking the device.

So the users who would like to have push notifications for their Gmail account would have to sync their iOS devices before 30 January 2013 or download Gmail application from the appstore. Those familiar or used to the simplistic usability of native mail app will definitely have something to get used to in the Gmail application.


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iOS7 likely to be released in the second quarter of 2013

There have been a lot of speculations going on the blogosphere on the next iteration of iOS. There have been many developers that stated that iOS7 has been appearing in their developer logs. What is more interesting is the fact that the IP addresses belong to the Apple’s Cupertino Campus. This has generated a lot of buzz around that Apple is testing its next version of iOS and looking how some popular applications work on it.

Although it might be in its developmental phase, but many believe that with the next iPhone scheduled to be released in the month of June, Apple might add the flavor of iOS7 over it. Another speculation that has been going around is the fact that Apple might open Siri to developers, which means that programmers would be able to tap into its capabilities and develop applications. This newer version of Siri 2.0 is a must and would lead to a lot of innovative applications. Till date Apple has kept its default application in a closed ecosystem and developers have not been able to utilize the true power of iOS.

Another feature that iOS users have been waiting for a long time that Apple should open its OS for more customization like widgets that are found on Android. Although The sheer fluidic user experience of iOS cannot be denied, but it has not changed much since its inception with static rows of icons.

Apple has seen a lot of bashing in the recent time for its bullishness to not change with time and impose things on others. This has been the major reason why ios apps developers have now started to shift there attention towards android, which according to them gives more room for innovation and development.

It is just a matter of time that Apple recognizes this and takes some drastic changes in the way it handles its most valuable asset, iPhone. There are a lot of hopes on iOS7 that it will bring with it some pleasant changes. There have been some hint towards that with Apple even putting a job posting seeking a person that can evolve and enrich Siri.

IOS has always been a superior mobile OS as compared to others with a plethora of applications. But with android catching up to it on both, fluidity front and number of application front, it is high time that Apple flexes its muscle and comes up with some huge. Users can only speculate that Apple has something big in store for them in the form of iOS7, but they all will have to wait for it to be released.


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Apple Locks Down App Screenshot Upon Approval To Halt Scamming

It seems Apple is making its application ecosystem more stringent with new set of rules that prohibits iOS apps developer to change the screenshot of iOS application after it has been approved. This move has been made by the Cupertino company in order to prevent scammers from replacing the screenshots with fake ones and tricking people into buying fake applications.

Earlier iOS app developers were able to change the screenshots at their ease after they have been published on the app store. In this way, some developers combined names that were identical to the titles of some popular applications, hence tricking users in buying their application. Although this will come as a bad news and will affect some legitimate iPhone application development, it will make sure than there are no bogus applications in the app store.

There have been many cases of fake iPhone games development with publishers naming their games identical to some popular iOS games. Some of the examples include various applications named HALO 4 which actually were simple racing or chess games. Another example of this also included a game name “Mooncraft” that had screenshots similar to popular game “Minecraft” and tricked users into buying the application. Once the applications were submitted, the developers used to change the title as well as the screenshot to trick people. Now Apple has taken cognizance of it and laid forward these rules to ensure such practice does not happen again.

There are many iPhone apps programmer that now feel that they will have a difficult time as they wont be able to update their screenshot portraying the new added features with every iteration of their application. But Apple has come around and said that the iOS apps developers would be able to change the screenshot, when they give the binary for approval on each application update.

Over the years, Apple has come with many regulations as well as tools to ensure that the application ecosystem of iOS is secure and there are no malicious applications in its app store. But at times these regulations have taken a hit on the iPhone application development, with developers having to alter the way they implement their applications. However, Apple has been at forefront with its iPhone development solutions to ensure that high quality applications are created for its OS.

There is no doubt that this new feature will prove a bit frustrating for some developers, who have legitimate applications, but if it is able to stop the scamming on the app store, then it is a welcome change brought forward by Apple.


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