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Is Apple App store nearing its saturation point

There has been a huge debate going on the issue of Apple and its stringent policies of App store. There are many developers that have seen their apps kicked off from the app store just because they did not adhere to the preposterous regulations of Apple. Although this has not slowed the iPhone application development but there are signs that show that the glory days of Apple are nearing the tip of the iceberg.

Currently there are over 800,000 apps in the Apple app store making Apple the king of application database. In the recent numbers made public by the Cupertino company it was clear that Apple has been hugely successful in monetizing its app store with a revenue generation of over $10 billion. No other platform has been able to generate such a massive amount of revenue. But recent trends show that making it big in iOS app market is getting tougher and tougher due to increased competition and number of applications in app store.

It is generally seen that average number of apps that iPhone users install in their smartphones is around 30-40. With total number of applications nearing a million, coming in that top 100 applications has become a daunting task. It has been seen that established publishers and iPhone app developers have been able to generate substantial revenue while only two percent of first-time developers make it to the top 250 list of publishers.

This can be due to the rigorous process of evaluating an application before it is launched on iOS, which makes it very hard for the newbie developers to make it to the top in the app store. Google on the other hand makes it very easy for developers to publish applications by just signing up as a developer.

The bulk of the revenue is shared among the veteran iPhone app developers as they are well versed with the regulations and norms of Apple. Just 17 percent of the top 300 apps that are available on the App Store are new apps, with gaming applications gulping up the majority of that pie. Video and photo apps is the next category that is very popular in the appstore.

The biggest problem in this booming mobile application market is that there is a point where a user seizes to use applications. An app market is based on relevant applications and not on the size of the database, There is no doubt that the quality of applications in the app store is way better than that of Play store, but Android is fast catching up to iOS.

This parity among the developers have brought out an important question of ingenuity which has been lacking in the application development and whether Appstore is reaching its saturation point. Consumer-Centric applications are dime a dozen, which is why developers are now turning to enterprise mobility solutions for the next phase of application development. It is a market that has a lot of potential as enterprises strive for new solutions to become productive.


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Third Party Apps for Apple TV could finally become a Reality

There has been a huge buzz going around regarding the much hyped Apple TV. There are speculations that the Cupertino company would soon be launching the SDK(System Development Kit) of Apple TV for the developers to make third party applications. Till now Apple TV has been a close platform with only proprietary apps on it for Airplay mode.

For the past few weeks there have been many rumors gong around among the iPhone app developers regarding the broad television plans of Apple. This could be a huge move for the company which has been criticized for being stagnated. In the recent years there has been no definitive product of innovation from the company, due to which the profit margins of the company has also taken a hit.

There are now reports that Apple is planning a March event in which it would unveil a new SDK to the developers for making third party applications for Apple TV. If there is any truth in these reports then it could revolutionize the gaming industry. In a recent interview, one of the founding engineers of Xbox even went on to say that Apple TV could easily destroy console gaming with third party applications.

There is no denying the fact that gaming on iPad has given a good competition to console gaming with lots of big publishers coming out with games for the iDevice.

The biggest advantage in front of iOS developers is that they would be able to develop rich applications for the Apple TV in the same manner they have been doing for iPhone and iPad. But game developers for consoles put in a lot of effort and money to come up with a game which would make developing games on Apple TV more affordable and profitable.

When Steve Jobs launched the first iteration of Apple TV in the late 2010, he was confident in stating that its appstore would launch when the time was right. He also mentioned that it wont be a daunting task for the developers, who already are developing apps for iPhone and iPad, as the software for Apple TV would be based on iOS.

These latest development clearly indicate that Apple is looking to open a new front of revenue generation by opening up the platform to third party developers. The iPhone application development process would take a turn for good, as more rich content would be available to users.

Anyone who has been following the smartphone space knows for the fact that Apple has been dominating in the game domain by way of their iOS devices. Apple has sold over 500 million of gaming apps with bulk of its revenue coming from it. The iOS devices have been accounted for 40 billion downloads of the over 800,000 apps. With Apple TV also coming into picture this number is surely set to skyrocket.

With the next iteration of Apple TV due to launch in the fall, the timing is perfect as Apple would need to launch the SDK in advance for the developers to be prepared with applications to support the device.


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Always Stay connected with Joe Bonamassa on your Phone

Joe Bonamassa has a reputation of being one of the world’s greatest guitar players. His charisma of being a blues-rock star and singer-songwriter of emotional resonance has resulted in his ability to connect deeply with his followers. All the fans of Joe Bonamassa have something to cheer about, with a new and exciting iOS app that brings the Guitar Aficionado even closer to his fans. The official Joe Bonamassa mobile app lets users listen, see and follow Joe whenever he is on tour. They are also the first to get all the latest scoop on the shows and updates related to the guitarist.

The application has a nice user interface categorized into different sections where users have free access to exclusive videos and music. As soon as the user logs-in the application using their credentials, they enter the world of JB with information pertaining to upcoming shows and albums. What is the most important aspect of this application is the fact that users can even buy tickets to the concert right from the application.

The shop category in the application also allows user to buy merchandise and gear like CDs, DVDs, T-shirts, guitar pedals, hats and much more. Every time Joe goes on a tour or performs at a concert, the application users are the first to have a free access to it. They can watch the live concert on their iOS device using the application. Not only that, the application also puts in some more goodies in the form of backstage and on-the-road exclusive videos for the users.

There is an added feature of streaming music right from the application. Users can even download a play-list or selected songs on to their phones. With the social integration right into the application it is also easy to share a particular track with friends and family.

For hardcore fan who wants to stay on top with all things related to Joe Bonamassa, the application also provides the ability to receive notifications regarding new songs, photos, live events/concerts and even new items from the JB Online Store.

The application is very intuitive with fluid design elements that gives a nice user experience. Having twitter integration right in the application allows users to follow Joe’s twitter feed. Users can even upload and have access to photos of Joe and his performance. Available as a free download, this is a must have application for all the fans of Joe.

To download this app for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch click here.


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Trends in 2013 that would shape iPhone application development

Technology is moving at a really fast pace with new trends surfacing every now and then. This is an era of mobile applications and iOS is the undisputedly at the top of the smartphone chain. Over the years iPhone applications have increased with leaps and bounds with over 800,000 applications in the apple app store till date.

New technology trends, strategic directives, opportunities and challenges often shape the development process of any application. Taking all these aspects into account iPhone app developers cannot ignore the fact that in order to stay up to date it is imperative for them to move the modern technology into the future. With smart developmental process and innovative decisions, it becomes very easy to anyone to design, deploy and program an application.

There is no denying the fact that 2012 has been the year for mobile application development. With smartphones taking the center stage it is necessary for organizations and businesses to have a mobile app via which they can increase their targeted users base. Users want information on the go under the palms of their hands. Having a mobile application ensures greater productivity and increase in revenue generation.

There are many analysts of the view that the trend that engulfed 2012 would continue in 2013 and stronghold its position even further. With everything going mobile, smartphones and tablets are set to overtake desktops as the most commonly used way to access Web.

Due to the immense popularity of iOS among ios apps developers, there has been a greater focus on developing apps and games for the platform. In this way it keeps up with today’s trends and occupies precisely the niche that will be dominant on the market in the years to come.

iPhone on its hardware aspect and iOS on its software aspect are known for precision, and its combination results in a premium product intended for premium market. With over $10 billion revenue being generated from app store, developers have been flocking to iOS as it is able to monetize application very profoundly.

There are many areas which have been a favorite of the developers. In 2013 finance and business, healthcare, education and productivity would be most revenue generating categories for an iPhone application. The developers who have closely followed this trend would have an upper hand. Moreover application development is taking on far greater challenges and in order to simplify them is moving towards innovative solutions. Time has come for developers to embrace Cloud based developmental process. With more and more integration of services in the technology it is vital to use centralized resource. This not only keeps the cost input down but also increase the performance of the application as it becomes easy for developers to scale the app as per requirement.


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Apple Releases 6.1.1 beta to developers just days after 6.1 final release

Apple has understood the fact that smartphone technology is moving at a very rapid pace and users demand new innovative feature embedded in their smartphones. This is why in the recent years it has shortened the update period of its iOS software. The Cupertino Company now releases developers build every now and then and after a definitive period of time release a public release.

Recently Apple launched iOS 6.1 public released which brought some substantial enhancements to the OS. But within days of the public release, Apple came out with another surprise for developers with iOS 6.1.1 beta. This latest version brings in some interesting changes, but is more importantly aimed with major enhancement to Maps for Japan.

This is a pre-release version of iOS 6.1.1 beta for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and the devices that will be updated to this version will not be able to restored to earlier version of OS.

In all the beta releases, Apple puts in an expiration date after which the version becomes void. But interestingly in this version, Apple did not put any expiration date, which means that the developers can use this version without any time limit.

The main motive of these beta releases for iOS is to ensure that iPhone app developers can make their applications compatible with the changes involved in the latest version. Sometimes there are some changes invoked by Apple that could make some modules of an application crash.

But putting in pre-release, Apple not only tests its own release, but also gives the iPhone developers a way to test their own application compatibility. But the beta release cycle have been getting random and developers don’t have any clue as to how many releases would apple put forward before the final release. Although there have been 5 betas on an average before any major public release, this latest release coming without an expiration date raises many questions in the mind of developers.

This also raises a lot of questions on the supposedly rumors that Apple is gearing up for a major iOS7 release for mid 2013. Whatever the case might be, there is a lot at stake for apple on iOS7 and many are looking forward to it. There are speculations that it would come out with some major changes and innovative features.


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