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Apple Releases 6.1.1 beta to developers just days after 6.1 final release

Apple has understood the fact that smartphone technology is moving at a very rapid pace and users demand new innovative feature embedded in their smartphones. This is why in the recent years it has shortened the update period of its iOS software. The Cupertino Company now releases developers build every now and then and after a definitive period of time release a public release.

Recently Apple launched iOS 6.1 public released which brought some substantial enhancements to the OS. But within days of the public release, Apple came out with another surprise for developers with iOS 6.1.1 beta. This latest version brings in some interesting changes, but is more importantly aimed with major enhancement to Maps for Japan.

This is a pre-release version of iOS 6.1.1 beta for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and the devices that will be updated to this version will not be able to restored to earlier version of OS.

In all the beta releases, Apple puts in an expiration date after which the version becomes void. But interestingly in this version, Apple did not put any expiration date, which means that the developers can use this version without any time limit.

The main motive of these beta releases for iOS is to ensure that iPhone app developers can make their applications compatible with the changes involved in the latest version. Sometimes there are some changes invoked by Apple that could make some modules of an application crash.

But putting in pre-release, Apple not only tests its own release, but also gives the iPhone developers a way to test their own application compatibility. But the beta release cycle have been getting random and developers don’t have any clue as to how many releases would apple put forward before the final release. Although there have been 5 betas on an average before any major public release, this latest release coming without an expiration date raises many questions in the mind of developers.

This also raises a lot of questions on the supposedly rumors that Apple is gearing up for a major iOS7 release for mid 2013. Whatever the case might be, there is a lot at stake for apple on iOS7 and many are looking forward to it. There are speculations that it would come out with some major changes and innovative features.

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