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Tired of likes and favorites on social networks? Try Hater App.

There is a huge culture of “likes” and “favorites” that is brewing across various social networks. These platforms of social connect are based on things people like and want to share. But what happens when a person wants to dislike a thing. Up till now there was no answer to it, but an app that describers itself as “an app that allows you to share the things you Hate” has given a new meaning to social hating.

The Hater app is a perfect place to dislike and push the down button instead of the traditional like button. It is a seamless platform where users can scroll through images and dislike the ones they don’t like. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that you can even share it with your friends and post it to major social networks like Facebook and Twitter, so show the world what you don’t like. The pictures can range from celebrities, politicians, bad service, too much traffic, bad movie, person wearing weird clothes, classmates, or even annoying Facebook “friends.”

The user interface of the application is very niche with emphasis being given to intuitiveness and simplicity. After you log in the application with you credentials, you are presented with a screen where you can browse through the most popularly-hated things. Users can then slap a dislike or a comment on the picture and continue browsing through other hated pictures.

There is also an option given to users to upload their submissions and perform a Google search to find images of popular hated topics. After selecting the pictures users can even put some filters on the pictures to make it appealing and post it with a title and caption. Users can also follow their friends and other haters to view things they hate. There is also a live streaming feed that shows all the hates from the people you follow. Moreover you can also write a hate rant to their posts and share it with your own followers.

There is an interesting feature in the application that makes it unique with the incorporation of anonymous hate share. Under an Alter Ego, haters can can share the hates anonymously so as to conceal their identity and hate. There are many other options that make the idea of hating a lot of fun. It is a land of social media where you are not bound to like a post and can dislike a thing as per your preference.

The application also allows users to add Geo-locations to the image as well as hash-tag to distinguish each post. It is an easy way to keep up the conversation across various haters for seamless communication. With push notifications integrated into the application, users can access and reply to the comments and hates on their posts. The interface of the application is simplistic and feature rich, with major emphasis given to interaction.

So next time you see a photo which you don’t like and want to rant out your annoyance, you can seek the solace in a shared discontent. Available as a free download on the iTunes, it requires iOS 4.0 and above.

To download Hater App for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch click here.

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