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The making of a decade old digital media juggernaut

Internet has transformed the way people perceive information sharing. It is an era of digital media as users encompass on real time communication and sharing. Nearly a decade ago, the Cupertino company started a music store with 200,000 songs. At that time there were no big expectation from Apple as digital media was not a viable business model. But in the last ten years, Apple has been able to turn that into a behemoth of media empire that reached its 25 billionth download earlier this year.

Apple iTunes store has been a huge success story for for the Cupertino company which has revolutionized a lot of industries with its innovative devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad. Since its inception it has acquired a huge catalogue of 35 million songs. A similar success story has been Apple app store that has been going from strength to strength. With more than 800,000 applications already published in the app store, Apple has created the world’s largest mobile applications database.

iTunes as well as App store are the two entities of Apple that also generate a huge revenue stream for the digital media as well as iOS app developers. With iTunes, Apple has been able to create a systematic ecosystem of music, movies, books, and apps over the web. A decade ago, there was a huge question looming over Apple to transform the overall online content and enable users to pay for it. Uptill now Apple has been highly successful in getting consumers to pay for premium applications as well as other digital media.

Although there has been a tough competition given by Android with its Google Play store that has also incorporated the same methodology of Apple, it hasn’t been able to generate the same user enthusiasm as well as revenue for developers. As iTunes is entering its second decade, there are many critics stating that iTunes has become bloated and stagnant. Also with the lack of innovation from Apple in the past few years has also raised a big question of the future of Apple to innovate while a new generation of music services as well as app store.

All in all the next few years would be critical for Apple to come up with some innovative products as it has done in the past. There are a lot of expectations from the next iteration of iPhone, Mac, iWatch Apple TV, and most importantly iOS7 which would decide whether the company will be able to evolve its longstanding business model and keep dominating in this ever competitive market.


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Apple set to showcase their upcoming updates at WWDC

It has become a common practice for technology companies to address developers on their upcoming releases. One of the most awaited developers conference this years surely is WWDC (worldwide developers conference) where Apple is likely to come out with next iteration of iPhone as well as Mac OS. Speculations are also high on the release on the latest iOS 7, which would power the current and well as future generation of iPhones, iPods as well as iPads. Apple has come out and set June 10 as the date for the conference which would span for four days.

The event will bring together Apple executives and officials along with developers from around the world currently working on apps development and other software technologies for iPhone, iPad and Macs. Apple’s developers had the most abounding and profitable year ever, with revenues from Applications crossing $7 billion mark. Apple is excited to reveal the latest advances in software technologies and developer tools which would enable iPhone apps developer to create some amazing and innovative apps.

Apple has been on a back foot from the aggressive competition from android and has been criticized a lot with the lack of innovation in its products. There are many analysts that believe that overall UI of iOS has become static with just rows of icons. There have been a lot of expectations from Apple over the enhanced versions of iOS and OS X slated to be released at WWDC. The conference peculiarly focuses on the software, however there will be new devices launched for Apple watchers and attendees consideration. Rumors are hot about upcoming iPhone and iPad that will be launched in the conference.

It’s been a long waiting game for the Mac Pro users, many of whom faced miscommunication with Apple about what is next in line by the designers. Last year’s WWDC was entirely capturing about Apple’s Mac array, with awaited enhancements to MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines.

Ticket selling surely didn’t take long. Amazingly it took just 2 hours to sell all the tickets. Apple is planning to release video session available during the conference for those who couldn’t buy their tickets.


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Mobile Payments have still not become mainstream on iOS

There is no denying the fact that iOS has gone from strength to strength ever since its inception and has become one of the most preferred mobile platforms across the globe. Apple has always been at forefront in introducing new technologies into its core OS like voice recognition assistant Siri, that brought a whole new paradigm to iOS.

iOS applications have always been considered to be superlative to other platforms due to the robust development tools provided by Apple to iOS apps developer. Although the Cupertino company has come down hard on developers who don’t adhere to the stringent regulations laid by it, developers have been preferring the platform as it has been able to monetize its app store far better than the competition.

On the other hand there has been one aspect where Apple has still not capitalized. mobile payments is the way to the future as more and more users are going mobile. Android has taken mobile payment to a whole new level with the integration of NFC into the core Google Wallet services. iOS on the other hand is just testing the waters of mobile payment with passbook application that collaborates all the coupons and tickets for the user. There is still a long way for Apple to go before it can come to the standards of services provided by its competitors.

There are many speculations that state that the next iteration of iPhone would be coming with embedded NFC and a whole new system of mobile payments that could be capitalized by iPhone apps developer. As in the case with android, developers could enhance the overall framework of applications by adding services and features to their mobile applications. Rather than just pushing coupons and tickets to their iPhones, users could finally be able to make payments using their smartphones with the help of the added capability of NFC.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and it has become highly vital to stay in sync with the competition so as to have a market presence. Apple really needs to push towards mobile payments which is likely to be the mainstream form of payments in the future.

An advantage that Apple has is that it already has hundreds of millions of credit card numbers stored in its iTunes system, that provides a natural groundwork for a possible future payments system.


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A lot dependent upon iOS 7 to ensure Apple stays ahead of competition

The next major iteration of Apple’s iOS software in the form of iOS7 has been long awaited and has lots of expectations under its belt. Recently Apple has been reeling under pressure from Android as well as BB10 as many believe that the platform has become static and has not offered much innovating features in the last couple of updates. It’s not yet clearly stated whether the update will come with the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, or specifically when, but current rumors have long list of specifications for iOS.

The most prominent fragment of info is not so much a rumor as it is a logical cogitation based on actual facts regarding behind the doors development at Apple. The last major update for Apple’s handsets, the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch was a hit, but there exists is a huge void as other platforms have started to have an edge over iOS.

iPhone apps development on the other hand has been going from strength to strength as application store surged past 800,000 applications. With Siri, shared photo streams, and major enhancements to Safari, Mail, as well as camera and accessibility app, the last major update of iOS 6 gave some breathing ground to Apple to stay ahead of the competition. But with Android finally catching up to iOS in terms of performance and functionality, Apple has to bring in some diverse attributes to its much awaited version of iOS.

Apple is moving forward to attain the greater synergy between hardware and software design with its latest iOS 7. Apple always holds potential in throwing best to the market. It’s a good to change for change’s sake. Recognition is a certain key to satisfy experience with technology. Improvement in app management is expected with more screens, chronological and alphabetical list of apps installed, perhaps accessible from Spotlight.

Apple must provide iOS 7 with guest account option. It is unlikely that Apple’s multiple user account are designed as extremely personal computers. Guest account must be created for the person using device for a while, something similar to the Mac in OS X.

Apple’s offering will have improved integration into the iPhone and enable Siri to have control of various actions. The latest payment feature will move on from Passbook and will make use of an NFC chip to manage mobile payments. Including this, Apple’s home screen icons need to be more like Windows 8. List continues for the updates required for iOS 7.


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Facebook in line to bring Home to iPhone, reportedly talking to Apple

Facebook home is latest from the stables of social networking giant and has been able to garners much needed hype in the beginning. Launched as an android application Facebook home is basically a home replacement software. it gives a unique UI experience which lets users see their timeline feed on lockscreen as well as wallpaper.

Facebook Home has some extensive functionality and reports suggest that the home replacement application might be available to download as an iOS application as well. Facebook is stepping forward and is ready to set up its Home on Apple’s iPhone now.

Recently, Facebook is in talks with Apple to bring a kind of its Home software to the iPhone. As a launcher, Facebook home was debuted on top of Android earlier this month, but to increase this exposure social network is planning to put one step further.

Apple possess “wallet garden” approach for iOS, as it doesn’t hold relaxation for Android rather than to only build apps on the app store, without the Apple’s explicit intervention.

Facebook and Apple are already in relationship with Facebook integration baked right into iOS. But the doubt arise if Facebook would be able to take over the complete lock screen as well as Home screen on iOS like they have done it on Android. Facebook app is available on app store with Chat Heads like features, and now Facebook is moving further on its latest app.

On Google play, Facebook shrived hard with negative reviews for the latest app but that could be quickly changed as Facebook is expecting to deliver monthly updates.

Apple has till date walked a closed rope, not allowing anyone to customize its software and to change the default application provided by itself. This puts a huge challenge for Facebook to implement functionality of facebook home.


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