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Cloud of contention surrounding iOS in-app game purchases

There has been a huge debate on the issue of the new freemium model adopted by iOS game developers in which they provide the game for free while charging for in-app bonuses and enhancements. This has even led to a number of court trials on Apple and the Cupertino company even being forced to change its rating policy by warning people of in-app purchases. Although it has been a fruitful proposition for the developers as they are able to maintain the userbase by providing the application for free and also keep the revenue stream going with in-app purchases for bonus levels and add-ons.

Over and all, this model has been criticized by many as unaware children playing games on iPads are doing purchases without their parents consultation. There have been many controversies surrounding this model as parents have been blaming developers of pressuring children into buying items, sometimes wracking up bills for unsuspecting parents.

There are views that children as well as parents are being mislead into believing that the games are free to download, whereas in fact they’re enticing users to pay within the application to upgrade their experience and get add-ons. There have been a slew of cases where children have amassed huge payments via in-app purchases. Following the controversy, Apple was forced to put a warning in the app store for every freemium application that it might induce charges for in-app purchases.

There is no denying the fact that Apple has been able to monetize its app store, far better than its competitors. With revenues amounting to over $10 billion, developers have been creating impeccable applications for iOS. With in-app purchases coming into picture the revenue stream has gone up exponentially, expanding the profits margins of iOS apps developer over their competitors.

Apple has always been forthcoming in helping developers generate substantial revenues from their apps which is why they are compelled to build rich quality applications for the platform. This is evident from the fact that Apple changed its policy on freemium apps any letting developers offer their paid applications for free while charging them for in-app purchases. While this in an innovative method to expand the user base as well as increase profits, Apple need to put a lot of changes top its app store control to ensure that users are made aware of all the implications of applications that they use.

The iPhone makers has since then increase the age limit for children to use the app store and made it substantial aware for users who download freemium application that charges might incur for in-app purchases. Overall iOS apps development is going through leaps and bounds and soon would cross the million mark. As the competition within the app store heats up, developers would have to come up with more innovative features to as to curtail user interest.

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