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Developers still unable to utilize iCloud due to core data sync problems

There is no denying the fact that the overall functionality of iCloud is indispensable and users find it highly feasible to manage their data in the cloud which can be synced among different devices. It is a convenient and centralized way to manage data on all Macs and iOS devices. It can sync bookmarks, apps, music, contacts, notes, documents and backup all the data of iOS devices. But the biggest functionality that has not come to the mainstream is it ability to sync data for third party apps.

However, iPhone apps developer have disparaged the iCloud as it has failed time and again to work with third party apps. According to the developers, when their app fails to sync data between the devices, it proves to be their worst nightmare as the data goes missing. iCloud which sits as a middle-ware between an app and the database that stores the data, has most of the third party iOS apps relying on it.

With its core data sync problems and inability to properly sync data of third party apps, developers are looking to stop the support of iCloud if Apple does not take cognizance of the issues they are facing in the upcoming release of iOS7. iCloud has been clouded with a lot of issues basically due to the fact that it has broad meaning and nothing specific is mentioned on its overall functionality. In general terms it refers to the internet and collaboration of all the Apple services.

Recently it also added the ability of cloud storage of files, but due to the secrecy of Apple and the fact that the Cupertino company usually keeps its services as closed as possible and allows negligible openness to developer community, the ios apps developer have their hands tied down. They can only wait for Apple developers to fix the issue to ensure that third party apps are able to sync their data between devices seamlessly without worrying about loss of data.

Core data was introduced to the App store developers around half a decade ago, in the Apple framework to simplify the storage and management of data for the developers. This allowed them to focus properly of the UI aspects of their apps rather than syncing of data. Its main ability was to keep the data as objects which simplified the storage and retrieval of data among different devices. It also provided an easy option to the developers to store the data in different forms in order to differentiate between the tasks as a simple XML text file, binary data or SQLite database.

Apple has been always known to be at forefront in promoting iPhone application development with various features and tools. But it seems that there is one issue that has eluded Apple for a long time. There is a lot riding on the shoulders of Apple at this point of time, due to the fact that Android is also giving stern competition to it. The need of the hours for apple is to mend its core functioning first so as to ensure that developers keep on supporting its services and they have for many years.

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