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Dip in Objective C programming due to rise of HTML5 and android popularity

Native application development has always been the upside of iOS, due to which iPhone applications have always been considered to be superlative as compared to its counterparts. It is a known fact that native applications usher in impeccable performance as they are able to utilize the overall capabilities of hardware as well a software. Ever since the inception of Apple app store, the application built for the platform have been mainly built naively which is why they have always been considered superior to applications on other platforms.

Objective-C, best famous as a programming denunciation used for building applications to run on iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. IOS app developer usually build native applications using iOS SDK and objective C language. Due to the popularity of iOS applications the language also gained a lot of emphasis in the developer community. But recently there has been a decline as the programming language dipped to fourth place in the Tiobe Programming Community Index. The index gauges denunciation recognition formed on a series of learned engineers worldwide, courses, and third-party vendors impending to any language, with renowned hunt engines such as Google and Yahoo, as good as other sites used to make a assessment.

A major reason for the dip could be related to the coming of age of HTML5 and the fact that developers have started to prefer the technology due to its vast features and capability to migrate applications to other platforms as well. Another reason that can be cited for the dip on Objective C programming is the gaining popularity of android OS and for the fact that Google play store has been expanding exponentially.

With more than half a dozen mobile platforms in the smartphone market, it has become difficult for developers to support each and every platform. Due to the fact that HTML5 provides easy portability between different platforms as the fact that it is easy and cost effective to build application. As android is gaining popularity and giving tough competition to iOS, developers are switching to HTML5 to support their application on both platforms.

But the fact still remains that native application development will always be a preferential mode of development in the long run.iPhone and iPad are losing popularity in the smartphone market which is having an adverse affect on their programming denunciation Objective-C. Apple is still known to be home to most quality rich content platform, as most of the applications built for the platform use Object C language. The robust nature of this programming language provide advanced features to developers and native approach enables them to capitalize on iOS capabilities.

There might be a short-term dip, but as iOS is gaining ground in the enterprise sector, developers would again jump the bandwagon to create native applications for the platform.

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