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Mobile Payments have still not become mainstream on iOS

There is no denying the fact that iOS has gone from strength to strength ever since its inception and has become one of the most preferred mobile platforms across the globe. Apple has always been at forefront in introducing new technologies into its core OS like voice recognition assistant Siri, that brought a whole new paradigm to iOS.

iOS applications have always been considered to be superlative to other platforms due to the robust development tools provided by Apple to iOS apps developer. Although the Cupertino company has come down hard on developers who don’t adhere to the stringent regulations laid by it, developers have been preferring the platform as it has been able to monetize its app store far better than the competition.

On the other hand there has been one aspect where Apple has still not capitalized. mobile payments is the way to the future as more and more users are going mobile. Android has taken mobile payment to a whole new level with the integration of NFC into the core Google Wallet services. iOS on the other hand is just testing the waters of mobile payment with passbook application that collaborates all the coupons and tickets for the user. There is still a long way for Apple to go before it can come to the standards of services provided by its competitors.

There are many speculations that state that the next iteration of iPhone would be coming with embedded NFC and a whole new system of mobile payments that could be capitalized by iPhone apps developer. As in the case with android, developers could enhance the overall framework of applications by adding services and features to their mobile applications. Rather than just pushing coupons and tickets to their iPhones, users could finally be able to make payments using their smartphones with the help of the added capability of NFC.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and it has become highly vital to stay in sync with the competition so as to have a market presence. Apple really needs to push towards mobile payments which is likely to be the mainstream form of payments in the future.

An advantage that Apple has is that it already has hundreds of millions of credit card numbers stored in its iTunes system, that provides a natural groundwork for a possible future payments system.

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