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Safari continues to dominate mobile browsing

It is always been a tough fight among several challengers and despite all such hurdles, Apple’s Safari has managed to take the top spot in the race of mobile browsing space. According to the new report from web analytics firm Net applications, it will continue to be the case. Most of the success of mobile Safari can be credited for the popularity of the iPad and iPhone. According to the recently studies, most of the people use iPad for web browsing.

Sources reveals from its web services that last month out of 160 million visits to more than 40000 websites each month, Safari grabbed for 61.79 % of the mobile browser traffic. Traditionally it has been seen that iOS users generally tend to use mobile traffic more than their counterparts. This is the reason why iPhone application development is so popular among iOS app developers. With these results showing safari to reign at the top, developers would be inclined to optimise their web applications for safari web browser.

Safari’s toughest competitor is Google’s native Android browser accounting 21.86 % share of web traffic in the month of March. Next in the line is the Opera Mini, a multiple platform holding 8.4% and after that is the Chrome with about 2.5 % in totality.

Comparing all remaining field in the graphic, it is clear observation that Safari is not only on top of all the competitors but is light years ahead. After specifying Safari’s dominance on iOS, the records ensure that iOS holds dominance in mobile web usage. Android seems to come up with more devices, but users are not much interested to use them to browse the web.

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