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The making of a decade old digital media juggernaut

Internet has transformed the way people perceive information sharing. It is an era of digital media as users encompass on real time communication and sharing. Nearly a decade ago, the Cupertino company started a music store with 200,000 songs. At that time there were no big expectation from Apple as digital media was not a viable business model. But in the last ten years, Apple has been able to turn that into a behemoth of media empire that reached its 25 billionth download earlier this year.

Apple iTunes store has been a huge success story for for the Cupertino company which has revolutionized a lot of industries with its innovative devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad. Since its inception it has acquired a huge catalogue of 35 million songs. A similar success story has been Apple app store that has been going from strength to strength. With more than 800,000 applications already published in the app store, Apple has created the world’s largest mobile applications database.

iTunes as well as App store are the two entities of Apple that also generate a huge revenue stream for the digital media as well as iOS app developers. With iTunes, Apple has been able to create a systematic ecosystem of music, movies, books, and apps over the web. A decade ago, there was a huge question looming over Apple to transform the overall online content and enable users to pay for it. Uptill now Apple has been highly successful in getting consumers to pay for premium applications as well as other digital media.

Although there has been a tough competition given by Android with its Google Play store that has also incorporated the same methodology of Apple, it hasn’t been able to generate the same user enthusiasm as well as revenue for developers. As iTunes is entering its second decade, there are many critics stating that iTunes has become bloated and stagnant. Also with the lack of innovation from Apple in the past few years has also raised a big question of the future of Apple to innovate while a new generation of music services as well as app store.

All in all the next few years would be critical for Apple to come up with some innovative products as it has done in the past. There are a lot of expectations from the next iteration of iPhone, Mac, iWatch Apple TV, and most importantly iOS7 which would decide whether the company will be able to evolve its longstanding business model and keep dominating in this ever competitive market.

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