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iOS 7 to have a universal flatter design with White and Black all over

Apple’s next operating system for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch has been long awaited as many reports have suggested that John Ivy is going for a full overhaul of the operating system and making things much simpler. Further sources have provided the description in detail of what the market, users, and developers alike could expect from software’s much refined look.

It is expected that the New design would have a more flatter look and would do away with all the gloss of iOS. Reportedly, rather than focusing on several latest and enhanced features, Apple has been going through a thorough overhaul for iOS 7 and is more into focusing the looks and feel of the iOS device software. Sources have suggested that Apple would also invoke a more universal feel to its operating system with emphasis on blacks as well as whites. Currently iOS has a more diverse approach with its true to nature design elements.

Sources announced iOS 7 to be Black, White and overall Flat. Over the past few months, Apple has been remaking iOS 7 as many believed that the operating system had become stagnated. It is believed that the updated software would be showcased at WWDC 2013 to be geld at 10th June. Interface variables to be shown at the event could be exceptionally from what Apple has been testing in last few weeks.

According to reports, all the software designs filled with physical metaphors do not stand the test of time. Apple users could even get confused, because iOS’s current applications have numerous designs. The recent operating system, which according to Apple will be released at its World Wide Developers Conference, will drop the transparent, shiny time bar on the top of the Lock screen in exchange of a shine free, black interface.

In addition to this the square grid of entering a pin code would get replaced with round, black buttons with white text and white borders. The notifications on the lock screen may look elevated with gestures. The users have become accustomed to the previous lock screen, but now will experience a different screen, that will function in a similar manner. The iOS design team has replaced most of the linen and leather textures found in iOS, with White and Black coloring.

The latest iOS 7 includes new panels for quick access to information. iOS 7’s home screen design is almost same as the display of app icons found in iOS since Apple’s first Smartphone released. Gradient textures have been removed by redesigning the Navigation and tab bars. People familiar with iOS 7 development stated that Apple’s designers and developers are prioritizing an overhaul of the iPhone’s version over the iPad’s software.


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Apple is the world’s most valuable brand

Over the last decade, Apple has gone through leaps and bounds to become one of the most prominent force in mobile computing. It not only revolutionized the smartphone industry but its products like iTunes, iPod, iPad introduced new horizons in mobile computing.

Apple continues its hold as the most valuable brand in the world. According to the annual report of Brandz study of Global brands, Apple is found to be world’s most anticipated and valuable brand for the third consecutive year. Apple’s brand value has only increased to one percent to 185 billion, which is not commendable increase as in the 19 percent increase it received in the last year.

Ever since the demise of Steve Jobs, Apple has been under serious pressure from the like of Android as well as its user base, who have termed Apple products to lack innovations. Many analysts believe that Steve Jobs created a holistic aura around the company which is why expectations to users have increased multi folds. Now that the company is finding it hard to match the expectations, they are facing stiff criticism. But despite that the brand image of the company has not been tarnished as suggested by the reports.

Experts might have considered all the force Apple has taken on the Wall Street which would reveal how customers view the company’s brand, but the reports have nullified all the claims.

The report announced 100 most valuable companies around the world, and Cupertino based Apple scored first position in the race. Apple is not alone in the tech industry as the prominent brand, several other tech companies including IBM, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola placed at the top five. Experience along with surge in the growth helped Apple’s chief mobile hardware competitor, which jumped from 55 to 30.

Apple remains holding the top position, well ahead of the rest of the list, in both technology and overall. Other technologies may stand somewhere behind in the race but if they deliver some exciting innovative products then Apple might have another thing to worry about. Google and Samsung are two such companies that have locked horns with Apple in the past and have given it a run for the money. with the competition mounting, the rankings would see more shuffling in the near future.


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Pentagon grants security clearance to Apple’s iPhone and iPad

Pentagon has approved Apple’s iPhone and iPad device for use in the united states military. Last weak Pentagon signaled that approval of Apple’s devices was imminent. Post to the certification by U.S government, for low level security clearance job, iPhone and iPad supporting latest software are now deemed compatible with U.S military now.

This is a major success for iPhone maker as it has been pushing hard into the enterprise sector. Over the years, with the decreasing popularity of blackberry among the organizations, iOS has been the most beneficial, as more and more organizations have started to incorporate mobility solution for iOS. Developers also see it as their chance to create enterprise software solutions for mobile on this platform.

At the earlier stages, Pentagon revealed its “platform skeptic” approach in February, exposing target for the department to establish wireless voice, data capabilities for both unclassified and classified communications.

Previously, the Department of Defense was susceptible on legacy BlackBerry devices, with more than 6,00,000 of the devices were supported by Pentagon networks. Apple device have always been center of attraction for the U.S government, the security clearance signifies the employees will be now able to use iPhone and iPad in more secure areas.

The robust nature of iOS apps development as well as its secure app store has surely give it an edge over the market. This adoption of Apple devices among the highly secure network of military and defence, would surely boost the future aspect of enterprise solutions for the platform.

After Blackberry, iOS would be the second platform to have the clearance from the pentagon to be used into its secure networks. The major shift from a single platform to this cross platform approach has been flexibility that the pentagon want its employees to have in order to use commercial products on its networks. They also added that their team would word in collaboration with iOS developers to create a military-specific app selection.


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The war of smartphones extends to application downloads

Apple and Google have been going at each other for very long time to secure the top spot in the ever competitive smartphone sector. Both have tried hard to dole out various services and products so as to have an edge over each other. An important aspect in capturing market space and proving themselves as a prominent platform has been statics, which the two companies have been pushing into markets-pace.

Applications are known to be a pivotal force that drive any mobile platform. There are more than 1.5 million app that have been developed between the two platforms. Although Apple has been at forefront in application database, Google has give it a close fight and has caught up to iOS.

Google recently announced a vital milestone at its sixth annual Google I/O conference that android crossed over 48 billion application installs. Apple was not far behind with their own announcement that iOS crossed 50 billion application downloads. This war between the two platforms have escalated to a whole new level, as both have been trying to woo consumers.

Both Apple and Google have a unique system of tabulating downloads of apps per user account. Rather than counting the overall downloads, they compute only one download of an app even if it is installed over multiple devices. This gives them a clear picture of how many users have installed the application rather than how many devices the application is installed on. These are purely single downloads from their stores.

With more than 850,000 applications in the apple app store and android closely following suit with 750,000, there has been an over stagnation of applications. What is important to understand is the fact that although Google has nearly three-fourth of the market share under its belt, iOS still beats it on the account of application downloads. There is a different approach followed by both platforms, with Google being an open source while Apple keeping iOS as a closed platform.

As smartphones come to the mainstream, it will increase the competition between the two platforms. This would not only make it imperative for companies to put out innovative services, but also ensure that users as well as developers are made a priority.


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Apple app store about to hit 50 Billion Downloads

The app market has seen a huge boom in the recent years, with various platform coming into picture. Out of the lot, Apple and Google promoted mobile operating systems have surged past the rest, with a collaborative number of over 1.5 million applications. What is important to understand is the fact that although android has been able to garner user support with 70 percent of market under its belt, iOS has done exceedingly well in the case of application downloads.

Apple app store is known to generate huge amounts of revenue, based on the plethora of high quality applications. The Apple marketplace which launched in 2008 has seen over 800,000 applications published on its app store. Once again the cupertino company has come into limelight as it counts down to its 50 billionth app download.

In order to celebrate this fete, Apple has started a campaign in which it would give a hefty $10,000 in App Store credit to the person who would do the 50 billionth download. Going a step further, the company would also dole out $500 gift cards to the 50 people who buy an app immediately after the target is reached.

A similar content was held in march last year when the app store crossed its 25 billionth download. It is interesting to note that in a span of just one year, the number of download have doubled giving a huge boost to the app store. This also shows that although Apple has been getting a tough competition from android, it is still going stronger in the app department which has generated huge sums of revenue.

In order to celebrate this achievement, Apple also listed its top 25 all-time paid and free applications on both the iPhone and iPad. It’s also houses over 850,000 apps in its marketplace as opposed to the figure of around 600,000 apps last year. There is a race going on between iOS and android in terms of number of applications and the platform that would reach 1 million applications.


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