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Apple app store about to hit 50 Billion Downloads

The app market has seen a huge boom in the recent years, with various platform coming into picture. Out of the lot, Apple and Google promoted mobile operating systems have surged past the rest, with a collaborative number of over 1.5 million applications. What is important to understand is the fact that although android has been able to garner user support with 70 percent of market under its belt, iOS has done exceedingly well in the case of application downloads.

Apple app store is known to generate huge amounts of revenue, based on the plethora of high quality applications. The Apple marketplace which launched in 2008 has seen over 800,000 applications published on its app store. Once again the cupertino company has come into limelight as it counts down to its 50 billionth app download.

In order to celebrate this fete, Apple has started a campaign in which it would give a hefty $10,000 in App Store credit to the person who would do the 50 billionth download. Going a step further, the company would also dole out $500 gift cards to the 50 people who buy an app immediately after the target is reached.

A similar content was held in march last year when the app store crossed its 25 billionth download. It is interesting to note that in a span of just one year, the number of download have doubled giving a huge boost to the app store. This also shows that although Apple has been getting a tough competition from android, it is still going stronger in the app department which has generated huge sums of revenue.

In order to celebrate this achievement, Apple also listed its top 25 all-time paid and free applications on both the iPhone and iPad. It’s also houses over 850,000 apps in its marketplace as opposed to the figure of around 600,000 apps last year. There is a race going on between iOS and android in terms of number of applications and the platform that would reach 1 million applications.

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