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Apple is the world’s most valuable brand

Over the last decade, Apple has gone through leaps and bounds to become one of the most prominent force in mobile computing. It not only revolutionized the smartphone industry but its products like iTunes, iPod, iPad introduced new horizons in mobile computing.

Apple continues its hold as the most valuable brand in the world. According to the annual report of Brandz study of Global brands, Apple is found to be world’s most anticipated and valuable brand for the third consecutive year. Apple’s brand value has only increased to one percent to 185 billion, which is not commendable increase as in the 19 percent increase it received in the last year.

Ever since the demise of Steve Jobs, Apple has been under serious pressure from the like of Android as well as its user base, who have termed Apple products to lack innovations. Many analysts believe that Steve Jobs created a holistic aura around the company which is why expectations to users have increased multi folds. Now that the company is finding it hard to match the expectations, they are facing stiff criticism. But despite that the brand image of the company has not been tarnished as suggested by the reports.

Experts might have considered all the force Apple has taken on the Wall Street which would reveal how customers view the company’s brand, but the reports have nullified all the claims.

The report announced 100 most valuable companies around the world, and Cupertino based Apple scored first position in the race. Apple is not alone in the tech industry as the prominent brand, several other tech companies including IBM, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola placed at the top five. Experience along with surge in the growth helped Apple’s chief mobile hardware competitor, which jumped from 55 to 30.

Apple remains holding the top position, well ahead of the rest of the list, in both technology and overall. Other technologies may stand somewhere behind in the race but if they deliver some exciting innovative products then Apple might have another thing to worry about. Google and Samsung are two such companies that have locked horns with Apple in the past and have given it a run for the money. with the competition mounting, the rankings would see more shuffling in the near future.

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