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Competition in Smartphone Personal assistant heats up as Google Now launches on iOS

It is an era of personal assistant applications and Google as well as Apple has been going at each other with their own versions for some time. When Siri launched on iOS, it brought a whole new functionality of smartphones to the tablet. Google soon followed the suite with its own version of Google Now. Although the latter is much of a personal information seeker that taps into you knowledge graphs to predict and shows you things, it has more functionality as compared to Siri.

Now Google is entering the iOS framework by bringing its personal assistance Google Now to iPhone as well as iPad. The newly launched application can be accessed within the search application and would be offering personalized cards as it provides on Android. this move will proves vital for Google as it has been continuously churning out its applications for iOS platform ever since Apple ousted its Maps and YouTube application.

Google Now is an amazing assistant service that has been a staple feature of android for the last nine months, would now be available as part of the Google search app. there have been many speculations in the past on the availability of Google Now on iOS as it was believed that Apple won’t let the application launch on its platform as it competed with its own application. But as it turns out, iOS users would now be able to use its services on their Apple smartphones.

This was an expected move on Google’s part but it is a clear demonstration of Apple’s and Google’s contrasting mobile strategies. Whereas Apple would not bring Siri or its other basic apps to Android, Google believe in a diversified presence as it helps the search engine build its massive knowledge graph.

Support for Google Now is available for version 3.0 of the official Google Search application, and is a free download on the iOS app store. However the de facto matter is that Google Now will still be a better experience on Android. But Google Now still is an early product, and is specifically designed to conjecture user’s need instead of allowing them to request and configure their settings. To get along with Google Now, users need to sign into their Google accounts to enable the app to connect to their personal information.

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