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iOS7 is coming with a major design overhaul giving it a flatter UI

Apple has been under a lot of pressure from its rivals over the stagnation of its mobile platform, and static nature of its UI which contains just rows of icon. although iOS has held the place of a superlative mobile platform for many years, its closest rival android has been giving it a run for the money. Many analysts believe that the upcoming update of iOS will hold the key for the future sustainability.

John Ivy who used to manage the hardware design aspect of the iPhone was recently given the collaborative responsibility to overlook the the overall UI of iOS. There are speculations that Ivy has got a free hand in making decisions and is pushing for a more flatter approach of iOS. Rumors are going on that Ivy has taken design queues from Microsoft’s metro UI and putting same sleek design elements in iOS.

Update to an Apple’s iOS 7 operating system is expected to be released during the keynote at WWDC 2013, but the platform’s launch is expected to be delayed. Apple engineers are striving hard on a major overhaul of iOS’s user interface, and it is surely taking longer than expected to process and flatten the user interface.

Apple has strained engineers away from OSX to make them work on iOS 7 and the latest mobile operating system will be launched on time. Ever since the first version of the iOS, skeuomorphism has always on top priority of iOS, seen in UI components such as the shutter effect in the camera app and the nominal use of shadows and gloss for the icons.

The latest OS is expected to be available to developers right after Apple’s WWDC 2013 keynote on June 10, and to the public, around September with the release of Apple’s next iPhone. Reports suggest the updated iOS 7 will feature a major redesign that is expected to avoid much of the skeuomorphic design and compensate them with a flatter and highly modern user interface. Unlike current versions, iOS 7 will have a more sleek design.

Initially, Apple has been a brand to evolve UI design gradually instead of altering it completely, as is likely to confuse existing users. Even if it is not a complete debug, a new and enhanced version will still go a long way to increase the visual appeal of iOS.

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