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iPad Gaming has risen multifolds pushing it ahead of the competition

Apple has created a whole new segment in the handheld computing sector, when it launched its highly popular iPad in 2010. There is no denying the fact that although Apple has got a substantial competition in the smartphone sector, it is still going strong as far as tablets are concerned. This has been complemented by the superlative UX provided by iOS as well its advanced features.

Gaming has always been an intrinsic segment of Tablets and has fostered the growth of iPads amongst the masses. Fact is hard to deny that almost every user, use iPad for far more applicability that entertainment, productivity and communication. With the abounding user interface elements including retina display and powerful processor, game enthusiasts have always been in favor to adopt iPad platform.

Compared to any other rival in the technology market, Apple has proved its worth and has been able to forge the app store way much better. iOS is always ahead of its competitors, with more than $10 billion revenue generated so far. The big chunk of iOS revenue stream has been captured by gaming applications. This is the reason why most of the iPad game developers have colonized on to this platform to launch their games. Because of the fact that iOS offers consumer centric platform, gaming has garnered fire to the emerging popularity.

 iPad games development has gone through lots of leaps and bounds to reach the position it currently holds today. The extensive popularity of gaming on iPad is indisputable from the fact that many console creators see iPad as an indispensable threat to their existence. With every passing moment, the quality of gaming is accelerating and giving a whole new experience to gamers on iPad.

iPad gaming has also been matching to the quality of console gaming as cost incursion is becoming a priority among developers. Publishing a game on iPad is way cheaper as compared to consoles which is why console manufacturers are seeing the popularity of iPads as a huge threat to their existence.

According to reports, iPad users spend more time on playing games than other device. In other words, the iPad transforms major slice of its users into gaming enthusiasts, and confirms larger block of revenue for iPhone game developers. User’s mindset is getting more and more mobile and becoming an essence for renowned game publishers to step forward from consoles to Smartphones.

The technology which was at forefront few years ago has become redundant today, making it imperative for service providers to stay in sync with the changing trends. Apple in that sense has always been seen as an innovator as it revolutionized many sectors with its unerring products from iPhone, iPad, iPads in the hardware sector and Siri, iCloud and app store in the software sector.

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