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Pentagon grants security clearance to Apple’s iPhone and iPad

Pentagon has approved Apple’s iPhone and iPad device for use in the united states military. Last weak Pentagon signaled that approval of Apple’s devices was imminent. Post to the certification by U.S government, for low level security clearance job, iPhone and iPad supporting latest software are now deemed compatible with U.S military now.

This is a major success for iPhone maker as it has been pushing hard into the enterprise sector. Over the years, with the decreasing popularity of blackberry among the organizations, iOS has been the most beneficial, as more and more organizations have started to incorporate mobility solution for iOS. Developers also see it as their chance to create enterprise software solutions for mobile on this platform.

At the earlier stages, Pentagon revealed its “platform skeptic” approach in February, exposing target for the department to establish wireless voice, data capabilities for both unclassified and classified communications.

Previously, the Department of Defense was susceptible on legacy BlackBerry devices, with more than 6,00,000 of the devices were supported by Pentagon networks. Apple device have always been center of attraction for the U.S government, the security clearance signifies the employees will be now able to use iPhone and iPad in more secure areas.

The robust nature of iOS apps development as well as its secure app store has surely give it an edge over the market. This adoption of Apple devices among the highly secure network of military and defence, would surely boost the future aspect of enterprise solutions for the platform.

After Blackberry, iOS would be the second platform to have the clearance from the pentagon to be used into its secure networks. The major shift from a single platform to this cross platform approach has been flexibility that the pentagon want its employees to have in order to use commercial products on its networks. They also added that their team would word in collaboration with iOS developers to create a military-specific app selection.

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