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iTunes Ought to Incorporate iCloud to Enhance Desktop User Experience

iTunes has become a behemoth of rich content in the form of music, apps, ebooks and podcasts. With over 800,000 applications alone in the app store, iTunes has broken away from the competition to create it own ecosystem. The UX of iTunes on desktop has been immensely increased and brought at par with iOS devices.

But there is no denying the fact that, from an end user perspective, iTunes has somehow become bloated. It common for any avid user of iOS, to have huge database of applications which have been bought or installed as free downloads. Overtime it creates a bloated app list at the dispense of user. In order to counter that Apple could surely use iCloud at their disposal, by stripping apart the unwieldy mess and bring the overall experience closer.

The iTunes Store has quite an extensive array of content. A simple search of superman would bring in a plethora of options in the form of movies, TV episodes, iPad apps, iPhone apps, Podcast, U content, and even music. Apple ought to understand the fact that not all iTunes users have iDevices in the forms of iPads, iPhones. There are many users that only use it on desktops. For them the overall experience of iTunes is quite messy as the searches done by them leads to an overload of information.

This brings in the question Cloud and how it can be used to ensure that only relevant information is made available to the users as per their requirement. Google in that sphere has done a viable part in referencing the searches in accordance to the need of the user. As most of its services are already cloud based, it allows user to differentiate between android store and chrome store.

Google does not manage anything on the desktop. most of their content is available on the cloud making it easier for them to have a holistic approach. In the age of cloud, apple should move away from current approach and try to bring more of its services in the cloud so that Apple users on desktop can have the same experience like its smartphone users. Apple can strip down iTunes in various sections so that users who require a media player can just have that, while those interested in Books can download a standalone application. Cloud can immensely enhance the experience of the user and Apple should take cognizance of this fact and move in that direction.

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