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A Must Have Guide to Diseases for all Physicians-iCD9.

Physicians have always found it vital to have an global comparability in the classification of diseases as well as collection, processing, and presentation of mortality statistics. The ICD9 application basically contains the ninth revision of the set of codes with latest 2012 data for all the physicians. These codes are published by World Health Organization and their basic functionality is to improve the usefulness by consolidating conditions of the patient, and hence underlying the cause of the death.

The overall ICD9 app gives an in-depth analysis of the latest codes in a very intuitive and systematic manner. It incorporates various feature set like Index, Search, bookmarks and favorites that makes it easy for physicians and doctors to have an easy access to the the relevant information.

The main home screen gives systematic list of all the codes organized in various categories. This is highly useful as it organizes all the codes as per the diseases. The biggest benefit of this indexing is that a physicians does not has to go through a long list of codes and can easy access the required information just by going through the respective disease. This index is further classified into sub categories making it highly easy to find relevant information..

There is also a search functionality provided which makes it easy to find information via code or keyword, it proper details are already known. Users can also bookmark a particular code for future reference, making it easy to access certain information over and over again. The overall interface of the application ushers in simplicity, with major emphasis being laid on intuitive UI and optimal content sharing. The in app navigation is seamless, with simple and readable language.

There are add-on options also provided within the application to contact the developer as well as put vital feedback so as to increase the quality of application further. This application is available as a very economical price and is compatible with iOS 4.3 onwards.

Download iCD9 app from Here


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iOS has an Upper Hand on Android in Mobile Fragmentation

There has been a war waging between the two powerhouses of smartphones industry as Apple and Google take on each other trying to boast of their features over one another. Going down the same road, apple has come out with one issue that has plagued android for a long period of time. Mobile fragmentation is one aspect of Android that has been talked about for a long period of time. Although android has been able to garner much of the market under its mobile platform, its dependence upon OEMs to update their smartphones with latest update has made its overall ecosystem highly fragmented.

On the contrary, Apple has been able to keep its mobile fragmentation to the minimum, ensuring that its devices are running on the latest operating system and that developers don’t have to worry about supporting older and redundant version of its operating system.

In the recent report published by the Cupertino company it showed that more than 90 percent of the iOS devices are running on the latest iOS 6 while just five percent were running the older version of iOS 5. The biggest reason behind this difference can be pointed towards the fewer devices that Apple has to maintain. On the hind side Android has a plethora of devices that have to be individually maintained by the manufacturers.

There are just one third of the android devices running the latest Jellybean, while the previous version of Ice Cream sandwich still is running on 25 percent of the devices. It is important to note that the age of gingerbread still can be found on more than 35% of the devices. These are worrying figures for developers as they have to invoke backward support of their applications reducing the overall performance.

Apple has always been forthcoming in its approach towards its uniformity of updates and to ensure that most of its users are on the latest operating system so as to encompass on all the features. Android’s fragmentation has been a major issue which is why iOS still is the preferential platform for developers to launch their applications. Android has taken some vital step in that regard ensuring that manufacturers update their devices on a timely basis, but the scope of the fragmentation has reach far beyond correction. Apple has always contrasted the experience while developing of iOS to that for android, due to a limited number of devices to support running on most recent version.


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