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Cyber Monday: Breakdown of Tech Giants

Cyber Monday was historically the largest online shopping day of the year with a spending increase of 20.6% over 2012 according to the researches. People sealed their deals 55.4% on their smart-phones which is far better and more than they did on last cyber Monday. Now the biggest question that arises among the users is that who was dropping more cash, iPhone users or Android?

Apple absolutely crashed android almost 6 to 1 thus beating android users in cyber Monday’s spending. Android users spend $106.70 an order while on the contrary iOS users spend $120. Still the iOS traffic reached 22.4% which is comparatively high than 9.1% of all online traffic for android. Online sales of nearly 15 percent came from Apple iOS, while Android estimate is only 2.6 percent.

This phenomenal sales of Apples devices has also stated with the fact that apple would surely make move towards 18 billion users in the coming era.


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