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Apple iPad Air: Named best Tablet

Apple is a performance based company that has been driven by innovation to spend most of its time in developing rich featured products or devices in order to improve its service delivery. It is being envisioned as a distributor which caters real time business applications, devices and services. The growth of a company is a total commitment of the technical developers which caters to exceed the needs of end users. In the year 2013 apple launched iPad air which is a compact device leading in performance with its innovative features.

Apple’s iPad air, was considered as the best Mobile tablet at 19th Annual Global mobile awards in the just concluded mobile world conference in Barcelona Spain. Apple iPad in comparison with fourth generation iPad is 28 percent lighter and 20 percent thinner. The A-7 powered chip significantly doubled its performance thus reducing the overall volume by 24 percent minimizing the size of battery and maintaining its constant 10 hour battery life. Tech giants and the panel of judges stated that it’s attractive and svelte frame has taken the charm of being the best mobile tablet ever.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook declared Apple device as the best optimized device illustrating the fact that App store has millions of apps among which half are revamped for iPad. He said that there is more user accessibility on iPad rather than PC. Since last two years Apple iPad has won the best tablet award and its future also seems bright due to innovation driven practices. Let’s see what happens in the next year. Will apple make a move towards the growth in the future or will it lack behind among the success stories.



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Apple’s New Version iPhone Launch

Globally with the change in technologies apple is changing at a rapidly accelerating pace over the past few years. Apple always tried to reach its targeted customers by launching new devices, operating systems and other technical innovations. The tech giants have reported it as a manufacturer of rich featured devices and thus apple has marked the glory by launching new devices. There is no denying fact that Apple has hit the grandeur by taking a decent space in the constantly changing market. It’s goal is to provide quality devices for which users are looking for.

Apple always delivers the best results thus maintaining level of certainty no other industry could match. The highly rumored news states that apple is looking forward to launch two version of iPhone this year in the month of September.

  • Both these devices will have larger display than iPhone 5s. iPhone’s displays will be 4.7” and 5.5” with a 441ppi pixel density, which is very high in comparison with iPhone 5.

  • New version iPhone will have flat screen and the Display will be made of sapphire crystal which also relates with the news of manufacturing of new sapphire plant at Mesa, Arizona by this month.

iPhone 5c will be removed from the rank of being best device after the release of iPhone 6. 5s will be made from cheaper materials and thus will maintain its presence. Now lets see whether these highly rumored and anticipated devices will maintain the records as was done by earlier devices. May be these iPhone model could be a new headline among the top rank devices. These devices may be recognized as a benchmark of excellence among other launches this year.


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