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Apple CarPlay puts iOS on your Car’s Dashboard

Apple claims to have achieved higher productivity with its agile methodologies and expertise that caters rich featured products as well as apps to the end users. In such an integrated scenario Apple is launching a new iPhone integration system which is being debuted by car-makers like Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Ferrari. Manufacturers as Hyundai, Jaguar, Honda and car-makers like BMW, Ford, Toyota, Suzuki and many more will be using Carplay in some 2014 models. This new software platform will be a great scope of modernization as well as would give remarkable integration with iOS 7.1 in automobiles.


  • This modernize initiative app will help drivers to navigate places using Apple Maps. They can easily make calls and reply to text messages while listening music through their iTunes account.

  • It will become easy for the user to read incoming mails, messages, notifications, access contacts, make calls, listen to voice-mails through siri by interlacing iPhone with CarPlay integration in the car.

  • Consumers will get real time routing instruction, traffic alerts along ETA via contacts, mails or messages by this automated software which would assist them to find their recent destination.

  • Carplay is also substantial to access music, Audiobooks, iTunes radio as well as recommend user to listen to their favorite radio services or sport broadcast apps by supporting third party audio apps.

  • Carplay is the most innovative update to iOS 7 which is rationalized with Lightning enabled iPhone 5s, 5c and iPhone 5.

With the boom in technology there is an ever increasing choice of apps and devices among consumers and automakers as no one wants to get locked in single smartphone operating system. So Apple ensures to release new version iOS 7.1 for enabling user to have multichannel experience on a single operating system. Apple’s impact framework helps them to create rich featured products in order to sustain themselves for a long time thus creating compelling business state among competitors. We just expect that this new feature may work feasibly on the top among the existing OS used in specific cars.


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