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Apple may build an iTunes Android app


This year surely will be full of buzz in the tech world, with various launches lined up to  released. With emerging diversity, technology is moving ahead and expanding its products and services beyond smartphones and tablets.  Technology is becoming more and more agile and this wave might be larger than we think. Demands of people are rising beyond expectations so organizations are growing aggressively in order to maintain their market presence by catering allied services to the consumers. Apple is looking forward to accord with digital music sales, thereby launching an on-demand streaming service under its iTunes brand.


Few ways a streaming iTunes could compete with Spotify and its rivals

This year Apple claims to have achieved growth and higher productivity for the better part of the decade. Apple has sustained its position among competitors with its US launch of iTunes radio last year. This year as the speculation runs high, rumors stated that it is preparing to take on spotify and its rivals. Recommendation includes few ways that Apple could improve:


  • Apple could surely use its corporate thew to assure that it has certain unique exclusive features which are far better than its rivalries. It’s good relationship with music artists could serve them well in securing big albums.

  • It has skilled editorial teams working on app store, iTunes and iBookstore which could serve well in developing streaming applications.

  • Apple consists of technical expertise and a well established system which comes up with marvelous discovery features. It could also align on artists on releasing rich featured mobile apps themselves including ability to stream entire album and get paid for it.

  • Apple could make music videos as part of the service and thus can become the most artist friendly streaming service by providing good API for application developers.

Lots of potential, but also pitfalls:

It has been speculated that Apple is likely to announce its launch regarding streaming music in the month of June at its WWDC event. Let us see whether Apple could be able to make big splash in streaming music world in comparison to its competitors who have been doing a burdensome job in this field. The streaming iTunes launch has been highly forthcoming so we could expect few more gossips regarding its feature and deal making process in the coming months.


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