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Apple updates iOS Management Tools For Enterprises

In this modern era of technologies, mobile industry is facing both complexity and opportunity while navigating through the statistics of enterprise mobility. Productivity and innovation are utmost priorities of progressive IT organizations. Organizations revamp and restructure its techniques for better outcomes thus making improvements in iOS management tools for enterprise as well as education. Apple is looking forward to make further changes in charge of purchasing and maintaining Apple’s devices in order to get large amount of purchase. iOS device enrollment program guide and technical reference guide has been renovated with new options for device management.

The updates that have been made:

  • Zero Touch Configuration: The Zero touch configuration that automatically installs profile via Apple’s Configurator utility come pre-configured with security and configuration choices. This way it becomes feasible for end users to customize and play with devices without accumulating up security profiles.

  • DEP-Enrollment: Fraser speirs pointed out that DEP enrollment allows admins to require MDM enrollment on devices that will affect devices purchased by organizations. This constraint will allow customization and It will make iPads more attractive in the market.

  • Volume Purchase Program: It allows organizations to bulk buy apps via purchase orders for installation on large number of devices at once. It provides colossal discounts which makes it more appealing to schools with tight budgets.

These changes feature by making deployments scale up to genuinely massive numbers in other areas of education and enterprise. These were the major steps for IT organization and apple with its more sophisticated devices is serving well in terms of security. Apple has proactively embraced BYOD trend and other device deployment techniques which made it even more popular in businesses than they already are. Let us see whether apple will continue to refine its services and achieve the best results for clients as well as enterprise or will lack behind in gaining more popularity among tech giants.

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