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Apple’s major first step into health & fitness tracking

Throughout the world many people are likely to change their minds with the change in emerging technologies. With the advent of new mobile technologies many healthcare apps are snapping up in order to cater to the people in managing their own health. The demands of people is placed on future-orientated mobility thus calling for a complete new approach to mobility services from providers as well as users. This is why Apple is signaling its interest in mobile healthcare and fitness tracking industry which will be soon displayed in an iOS application codenamed health-book. These changes thereby encourage a change in individual’s behavior by affecting their mobility needs as well as provision of mobility services.


  • The Health-book: The user interface of health book is similar to advanced form of existing passbook application. It is capable of monitoring health and fitness data pertaining to bloodwork, heart rate, hydration, blood pressure and many other things.


  • Fitness Functionality: Activity, weight and nutrition are the few major healthbook tabs dedicated to fitness tracking. Activity and weight function allow user to track body mass index, fat percentage and fitness progress.The nutrition tab allows you to take proper diet and thus this application is an exclusive combination for fitness freaks. Apple hired Jay Blahnik who will further contribute for the development of Healthbook’s fitness functionality.


  • Healthbook will monitor following health related issues:

  • Heart rate and blood pressure monitoring

  • Bloodwork, Oxygen Saturation, and Blood Sugar Tracking

  • Hydration and Respiratory Rate Measuring

  • Sleep Tracking


  • Emergency Cards: Rather than monitoring health and fitness tracking, healthbook will store user’s name, date of birth as well as over all medication information including weight, eye color, blood group and location. This information is mandatory in case of an emergency where patient is unable to speak for his illness. Healthcare application also allows users to add emergency contact information in order to notify his family member during an emergency. All these data will be stored in the various existing third-party iOS compatible health accessories.


  • Debut: Healthbook software is said to be tested with iOS 8, which is the next version of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch operating system. The anticipated rumors have also stated that iOS 8 will possess iOS 7’s design and features in more advanced form to increase it’s usage.


Let us wait and watch for forthcoming major releases and see whether this healthcare app may be able to transform health care industry for the betterment of society or not.


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