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iPhone 6: new phone ‘to get pressure and heat sensors’

In this modernize era of technologies demands of people are based on future oriented applications. Organizations are significantly dependent on their applications to cater rich featured products and services to the customers. The organization thus attains high performance and growth among the tech giants by delivering featured application to the end users. Recently there are a slew of Apple analysts that have stated that the Cupertino giant is expected to launch much awaited iPhone 6 later this year which will monitor temperature, humidity and pressure of its surroundings. App codenamed  healthbook is expected to coincide with the launch of iPhone 6 and is likely to monitor the condition of its owner along with meteorological conditions.

More iPhone 6 rumors

There is no denying the fact that people are making many speculations of what all other features will be added in the next iPhone. Recommendation includes:


  • A Liquidmetal shell: Some commentators have expected to turnout Apple as a Liquidmetal because of its slim profile. It is being speculated that handset could be more lighter with the optimum amount of strength and build quality.

  • Liquidmetal components: Liquid metal components as alloy could be used in forthcoming versions of iPhone in order to toughen up the weak points of previous iPhones.

  • Curved screens: According to the bloomberg report, the next version iPhones screens are expected to be curved down at the edges. New iPhones are said to be more durable, comfortable, better suited to watch videos and playing games. This would be an audacious move for Apple which will help them rank better among the market.

  • Quantum dots: Company is most likely to use tiny crystal semiconductors known as quantum dots in screens. It can reproduce large amount of colors accurately at highly specific frequencies than existing LED displays.

  • A-8 Processor: iPhone 6 and next generation iPad are expected to use A-8 Processor chip made by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

Let us see how much popular will these new launches be and how much longer will it’s craze remain among the end users. Whether this device takes the charm of being the best featured product of this year or not can only be seen after the release.

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