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iPhone 6

In this era of technology every aspect seems dedicated to some new innovation as smartphones are penetrating the core market at an unprecedented speed. A recent report produced by Business Intelligence estimated that there were two smartphones for every nine people or 1.4 billion smartphones on earth in 2013. This has amounted to millions of user engaging on iOS apps within weeks of the fresh release of iOS 7. Moreover the usability and accessibility of its devices have made it the most valuable company on the earth. The market share almost doubled due to the sheer acceptance of latest version of iPhone and iPads. Now they are ready to launch another iconic iPhone in the month of July.

Apple’s iPhone 6:

  • Release date: Tech giants have estimated that iPhone 6 will most probably launch in the month of July this year.

  • Iphone 6 screen: For the cheapest iPhone it will have 4 inch display (326 ppi) while for standard iPhones it will have display of 4.7 inch ( 440 ppi ) and for largest iPhone 5.5 inch display ( 510 ppi ).

  • Camera: It will consist of rear mounted main cameras with CMOS sensors and would have significantly improved front facing camera. Rumors also say that camera will get upgraded to 10 megapixels with new lens catering to best picture quality.

  • A7 SoC: It would consist of upgraded and faster mobile processor chip A7 SoC.

  • Price: It is being assumed that 32GB will cost £529, the 64GB model £599 and the 128GB model £699.

Statistics are not always available but the market figures show that Apple’s devices are relatively easy to reach among consumers. Let us see whether iPhone 6 will make a big move for Apple to grow higher in developing sleek designed devices. Apple’s aim is to create rich featured devices that massively outperforms as well as functions well in every aspect and so they are hard at work on these new version iPhones. The features in iPhone 6 are significant but who knows whether it will break the previous record and grow into a much bigger launch of the year or not.

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