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Apple Expected to Unveil iWatch in September

The drive towards new technologies is evolving day by day in order to meet requirements of consumers to fuel future growth.  As demand for technology surges, there is a greater need to adopt new approaches and strategies by fundamentally changing enterprise overviews. Thus enterprises are adapting to change with the recent technological advancements, cheaper data storage and higher processing. Apple has raised beyond expectations with the advent of new standards and has achieved higher productivity. Apple is struggling enough to unleash the full potential of technologies in every field, thereby identifying more opportunities to innovate. Thus, Apple on Tuesday stated that they are planning to divulge their identity into the wearable market in the month of August or September.

According to the tech giants, we can now find the latest technology trends with respect to the prospects of the firm. The three firms have catered Apple with a fragment of flexible circuit boards that are likely to be integrated into the iWatch. Apple’s suppliers are planning to enhance production in order to achieve higher productivity, thereby meeting  increased demands for iPhone and iPad circuitry. Apple is trying hard to pave its way  with framework of fitness and health experts, thereby providing iWatch project to its proficient developers.

As the speculations run high, the device is likely to work in correspondence with Apple’s forthcoming Healthbook App software. It will most probably be integrated with IOS 8 for new version of iPhones as well as iPads and is likely to be announced at the WWDC event in the month of June. iOS 8 is expected to cater improved Maps Application, revamped iTunes Radio app, iCloud support to third party apps, TextEdit and preview applications and enhanced tweaks to Game Center.  Apple’s next release of OS x, version 10.10 is also likely to be announced with iWatch release thereby achieving higher agility.

We may justly expect Apple to release more featured apps and devices in order to cater its customers with featured products and services. Apple with its team of expertise is expected to launch something that becomes entertaining and addictive to its end users thereby providing rich customer experience.

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