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iPhone 6 on Release Date Will Have These 10 Confirmed Feature Upgrades Packed with iOS 8 – Reports

Mobility with the growth of technology is at its pace that helps you to grow businesses in entirely new ways. Apple serves its consumers, employees, businesses and machines by leveraging mobility on distinct web-enabled devices. Apple therefore caters featured mobile solutions in order to drive more transaction, enhance collaboration and increases productivity. It has made its business more agile by catering featured devices and products to the end users. It is being expected that the next version of iOS is expected to usher along the release of iPhone 6 at Apple’s WWDC 2014 event in the month of June. We can now find the latest Technology Trends according to the prospects of the industry.

Specs and features of the iOS 8-powered iPhone 6 are outlined below:

Recommendation include certain features:

Performance boost: The key aspect of referring iOS 8 by codenamed Akemo is to monitor updates to existing apps thereby making everything prettier and faster for iPhone 6. Rather than focusing on software’s experience, they are working hard to deliver new mobile platform with high end hardware gorged inside iPhone 6.

Integrated apps:  Apple wants its applications to inter-connect seamlessly with each other on App Store thereby providing them feasible platform for communication. One user may flawlessly jump from one iPhone functionality to another by data sharing platform between apps.  iOS 8 is  likely to present new functionality of instantly uploading pic after being shot by iPhone 6 camera. Facebook or Twitter would automatically pop up  to recommend uploading the picture.

Automatic message deletion:iOS 8 consists of certain optional settings which will enable you to get rid of previous message exchanges. There is another alternative to turn off the function for the sentimental users who wants to get stuck into old memorable threads.

LTE-powered phone calls: iPhone 6 with iOS 8 is expected to make incoming and outgoing voice transmission via LTE network.  This feature is fully dependant on the service provider so telecoms will cater the infra for optimum enjoyment of the service.

Improved Car Play and Fresh Voice Memos interface:It is being assumed that the carplay will be enjoyed with IOS 8 introduction by pairing Bluetooth or Wi-Fi protocol with further cool driving features. User will acknowledge easier navigation and editing features with the help of automated control buttons at voice memos in iOS 8.

Stand-alone iTunes Radio and Simplified notification alerts: User will get ease to access music by listening online radio shows as a separate app in iOS 8. iOS users will now enjoy incredible features as Android like phone notification in more enhanced forms in iPhone 6.

Healthbook and More reliable Apple Maps: Apple will serve healthbook app in order to gravel way for a healthy lifestyle by monitoring function of the body. Whereas revamped Apple Maps in iOS 8 will likely to provide adequate directional data in real time, thereby blotting indignity brought by iPhone 5 navigational app.

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