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The ‘Heartbleed’ security flaw that affects most of the Internet

Security at its utmost is a keystroke for all internet applications. Enterprise in this modernize technological world are at an interesting crossroad in terms of security issues. Current era consists of individuals whose demands are placed on future oriented security services. There is a core competency of increasing services to the consumers but certain issues that have been significantly increased in last few years are related to security. The security of applications mainly relies on inbuilt obligations within the code and majority of obligations are found in the application layer. Even a minor mistake at requirement gathering stage results in leaving application is liable to attacks.


The Heartbleed Bug: It is a serious susceptibility bug that allows anyone to steal the information protected by versions of OpenSSL software. This a major issue which consists of keys used to signify service provider, encrypt traffic, names and passwords of end users by the SSL encryption used to secure the internet. Heartbleed could have far-reaching consequences and can lay adverse impact on the maximum number of internet users. It allows cyber criminals to spy on communication of users and steal data directly in order to put an act on services and end users. Since last two years, this problem has been rising significantly and we could see that the communications being been addressed to malicious monitoring.


How to stop leak: There is no simple solution for this major issue and certain activities need to be taken by the number of visitors visiting the site. Enterprises must also take certain steps in order to protect data and encryption keys by upgrading sew version of OpenSSL. Organizations can even invalidate compromised SSL certificates by issuing new ones. Core companies as Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Amazon have taken fundamental steps in order to ensure security to its end users. This problem is not only being faced by big companies, but it is rising at the fastest pace in even smaller online stores.


Fixed OpenSSL has to be deployed by OS vendors, appliance vendors and independent software vendors in order to adopt the fix by notifying users. Earlier it used to be security blemish while helps to provide a secure connection between server and clients. Individuals should update passwords across different web pages that may have been affected. Businesses as well as end users must be adaptable to change in order to satisfy demands of the changing environment. So IT leaders need to revamp their web pages to ensure proper means of security to its end users.


Apple has once again has proved its excellence by stating that its mobile, desktop and web services are not affected by Heartbleed security flaw. Apples iOS and OS X are recognized as a benchmark of excellence as it has never incorporated vulnerable software. According to the reports, Apple’s web based services have never been affected through any malicious software or any unwanted access. Infact it has suggested people to use its management tools as Lastpass, 1Password and safari browser password to keep track of multiple passwords of varied accounts.



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