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The Mobile Browser Is Dead, Long Live The App

The software market is vast and constantly changing according to the user requirements. Enterprises around the world are innovating rapidly and need to integrate technology to the immense extent as possible. In this modernize era people foresee their work environment to be soulful and feasible in order to automate their business processes. According to the reports generated by Google analytics, users in large amount are emphasizing on application rather than turning towards the browser. According to the reports generated, 86 percent of the people spend their time on iOS and android devices in apps. whereas only 14 percent of the people spend their time on mobile browsers.

Enterprises must focus on the demands of users as their demand is placed on future oriented mobility. And now a days users are focusing more on smartphones applications to access data rather than going on the browser. Enterprises must have a strategy to deal with app issue. Platforms that are prioritizing on web and web based services will find disadvantage in app development by web services. The advantage of choosing iOS and android device is much better for building apps rather than mobile friendly HTML5 sites and services.

Firefox OS is all about enabling designers and developers with a cost effective tool set rather than having the app store support or complicated SDK’s. Regardless of platform or technology, their preferred route is HTML5. This clearly gave a wide picture of running apps directly from the cloud and effectively used web-pages as app thereby lowering the entry cost for all.  But by capitalizing on this phenomenon, Firefox OS powered device will become less attractive and won’t remain as flexible as a pure app play.

Application provides deep insights what  a Smartphone can do thus providing a great user experience. Smartphones are there to help users day by day and the overwhelming point that we notice is that maximum information to mobile user comes through applications. Thus the use of mobile web service is declining day by day, even after it promotes access for users to users. For very specific purposes, app is convenient for creating an application that can not be adequately adept via web browser.

This fundamental of app development would further act as a node for enabling collusion and integration of business process. Mobile apps are the core issue and thus enterprises also follow the same process that they need to be along with their users. The overall concept is coming to the mainstream and illustrates that Apple and Google will always remain as third party service providers in context with consumers.

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