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Real Time Data Aggregator For Gold & Other Metals

For any mobile developer, it is a known fact that every application is made up of various modules that need to work together proficiently in order to offer an immersive user experience. Even a simple application with basic functionality can attain immense success if it pitches itself perfectly to do what it is meant to do. In layman’s terms you can put this notion in correspondence to the 1969 World Series when New York Mets, which was an average team came together and went on to create one of the finest wins in the series history.

The same holds true for iGoldline app which has been created with a soul purpose of distributing precious metals information to their user. The functionality of the application is seamless, however the way it has been executed makes it an ideal choice for investors as well as collectors.

Each and every module of the application offers relevant information for Gold and silver coins along with other precious metals. Major emphasis has been put on design front so that end user does not find it cumbersome to access the data in real time. The applications has been divided into various modules:

  • Metal Spot Prices :- This shows the current market price, change in price and change percentage of precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium in real time

  • Financial Markets :- It offers the financial details of stock market for NASDAQ, Dow Jones, S&P 500 and US Dollar in real time. This is highly beneficial for users as it provides adequate information to the users for making future assessment of the market.

  • News/ Videos :- This module contains the latest news and videos regarding the precious metals by Goldline LLC. This further has been segregated into various modules like American Advisor Podcasts, Recent Industry News, Market Analyst Predictions and Press Center.

  • Coin Catalog :- This module shows precious coins like Gold coins, Silver coins, Platinum coins, Palladium coins and IRA along with their Specifications and Details.

  • Goldline Difference :- This module is all about the importance and what makes Goldline International different from others.

  • Social :- There is also an additional module added to the application for the Social connectivity of the app. It offers users to share data with their friends and colleagues offering an ideal user experience.

It is vital to understand that the applications has been designed in such a manner that each and every module is able to offer optimal usability to the end user. The overall design is fluidic and special emphasis have been laid so that information is easily accessible. The crux of this application is to provide real time data to the investor as well as collector which makes it important for every module to have seamless viability in accordance to one another.

Available on the App Store.

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