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Entertain Yourself With a Perfect Blend of Music & Game

Music is an art form which enthralls the cortex and has become a core part of every person’s life. It is subdivided into various genres and the relationship between them is often cited to be subtle and open to personal interpretation. In this era of technology, music has become the core of all interactions which is why music based mobile apps have become dime a dozen. This has created a cloud of contention around the minds of the end user. But over the years there has not been a single innovative idea from the service providers that can offer this service with a new perspective.

But around all this music driven sector, a new app called Zya has surely made huge head-ground to give music service a whole new meaning. It has mixed the two biggest sources of entertainment for users and offered a product which is captivating and enjoyable. The blend of gaming and music is unique and ushers in a new horizon of entertainment. The application is highly user friendly and major emphasis has been laid on the graphics and UI. During the gameplay the end users are mesmerised with the fluidic nature of all the elements as they tap to become a star by mixing sounds and music. The designers and developers have put a lot of effort to ensure that the user does not feel out of place while playing this application. This is highly vital as it has been often seen that a user tends to get bored after continuous gameplay. However this application ensures that there is a constant flow to the overall gameplay so that the end user does not feel like constantly moving from one screen to another.

There are daily awards given to the user which enables user engagement and a deeper connect with them to play further. Users can choose between the genre of music they want to mix and even purchase instruments as well as characters to give their song an oomph factor. After selecting all the band members and their corresponding melodies, the user can even add effects to the music to make it more pleasing. What is important to understand is the fact that there is been a lot of attention to detail been undertaken which is why even after completing the song, there is a proper animated play so that users have an enjoyable experience. It is like a whole new level of music experience where the end product also include a personalized video involving all the characters of the band.

Users can then post the mix to various social networks like Youtube, facebook, twitter etc. With different genres available at the behest of the user, this become a never ending game and the user surpasses various level to climb the ladder of fame. The application has also been named as an Appy award finalist. Each and every distinctive design element in this game ushers in pure ingenuity which not only enhances the user experience but also delivers a viable entertainment product.

Available on the App Store.


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