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Awareness With a Difference

Another delay in Affordable Care Act Provision, originally due to go into effect in January 2014, has been delayed by Obama administration twice. It seems White House is trying to avoid another Obamacare controversy. Are you an employee who had to bear soaring health coverage cost? Wished you had a say in timely implementation of this provision.

Did you go to pick a dress for your kid for Halloween? Asking, ‘cos saw the most gruesome & in extremely bad taste, an ‘EBOLA’ dress. What has world come to!! Wished had a say in such topics!!

People have very busy schedules and try to digest a tremendous amount of content and data coming at us from multiple media platforms. In order, for the average person to stay in touch with important issues and decisions that affect us and our community & immediate vicinity, the news channels & social platforms which are available on the go, are the last resorts. Mobile apps, Twitter, Podcast are few of such examples.

While looking for social awareness news apps, SpillMap, Catalista, SeeClickFix, EcoHero,& GoodGuide, one still felt that something was missing. People not only want to know about causes that have an impact on them, but may also want to raise their voice or at least add their ‘two bits’ to the discussion. They may also want to know what others think about it but where do they start? In this fast-paced, dog-eat-dog world, taking time for this becomes challenging. The decision makers, in the meanwhile either make decisions or delay actions on such topics & you don’t have any access to their ears. ‘AllSay App’ is an efficient solution to all such problems.

Now, one can have a say with AllSay. AllSay is a crowd sourced social awareness platform that connects you to your important community decisions. You can raise you voice on as frivolous a topic as ‘Yoghurt’ is becoming the official state snack of New York, or as serious a topic as ‘Ebola’ or ‘Cigarette’ dress on Halloween, where reflection is needed between prioritizing business interests over kids or festival sentiments. The application uses social profile & location to discover and deliver the decisions that interest & matter. Personal information stays as private as one wants. The App lets you influence the decision makers with your opinion. It also delivers your say to those in-charge, all in a flash.

Through this application, members may increase awareness and influence on favorite issues by aligning with others in the network. AllSay also acts as a member activation service for organizations looking to understand and influence public decisions.

In less than two minutes a day, you can finally be included in your community’s issues and actions. When you allow AllSay to use your location and profile, AllSay shows you the decisions that impact you and your family. Based on profile and interests, it makes you aware of real decisions happening on issues relevant to you.

Not only this, the ‘Top 3’ scored decisions, a Member is presented with each day using Daily Say, completion of which gives a user access to an entertaining fact or infographic related to data captured from AllSay that can be shared on social media. What’s more interesting is that the user, not only easily see, what’s going on, he also quickly gets connected to real ways to do something about it. It’s also an awesome way to be in the know and discuss meaningful issues with your friends. The application is simple and even fun to be aware, have your say, and contribute to your community.


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