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Whats So Difficult About Getting People Together?

Making friends is difficult, especially if you’ve just moved to a brand-new city, and you are on a look-out for location based friends. And then there are other reasons which just elevate the problem – you work from home, you have strange interests and you sleep at unconventional hours. Some people do not have the opportunity to meet people organically i.e. through work or other such ways.

To relieve people from their loneliness, or hanging out with same old friends and to meet more people with same interests, an app has been introduced. It’s a Social Networking cum Event App Meetly. Meetly is all about people getting together, to get acquainted & communicate better, and to make communication interesting & dynamic. It not only cuts out the creep factor but gives you a chance of meeting people with common interests. How cool is that?

Meetly is designed to make your life easier and organize hassle-free events with your friends. Meetly helps you and your friends or family figure out the best possible place and time to meet-up and have some fun quickly and easily. It’s the best way to get a group of people together that has ever been created. Meetly excels at getting those who share a common interest to connect with each other. One feels, Meetly is a social service that lets you organize and join real-life “meet-ups” for people who share your interests.

The Meetly app shows upcoming Meet-ups that are organized in your vicinity and also public meet-ups as per categories. Each Public event listing features a category such as Business, Health-Wellness, Hobbies, Science & tech and other such categories, description, start/end dates/times, location, & even how many people can join you. One can even set notifications for meet-ups happening within a radius of 5 miles to 50 miles. User can search people, search events as per categories, send requests to join those events, create notifications for updates, send private or group messages. Meetly allows users to participate in app improvement by allowing them to send feedbacks. People can even leave reviews for meet-ups.

The users can add their profile pictures and write briefly about themselves and select topics of interest. Also, the user is encouraged to use or set up more & more meet ups, as it provides star ratings for more usage, which keeps on getting improved and keep you motivated such as Greenhorn, Explorer, Superstar, Hero and Legend. At the end of it one actually starts getting associated with these name tags.

For a beginner, the app even provides cues to help them become proficient in no-time. The usage of vibrant colors, intuitive layout, interactive icons and easy navigation, adds to user experience. All these features are available in the mobile application so comes with mobile advantage of fixing social meets on-the-go – anytime while commuting, on a coffee break, before turning in to sleep, or literally any other time. One can create a meet up in less then a minute.

Though its not a dating app per se, but you may find your Prince Charming or Angelina Jolie in Public meet-ups. Those in their early 20s can still survive the dating game, but it doesn’t take long for our social options to dwindle. Friends, Meetly is strongly recommended.


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