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Apple’s major first step into health & fitness tracking

Throughout the world many people are likely to change their minds with the change in emerging technologies. With the advent of new mobile technologies many healthcare apps are snapping up in order to cater to the people in managing their own health. The demands of people is placed on future-orientated mobility thus calling for a complete new approach to mobility services from providers as well as users. This is why Apple is signaling its interest in mobile healthcare and fitness tracking industry which will be soon displayed in an iOS application codenamed health-book. These changes thereby encourage a change in individual’s behavior by affecting their mobility needs as well as provision of mobility services.


  • The Health-book: The user interface of health book is similar to advanced form of existing passbook application. It is capable of monitoring health and fitness data pertaining to bloodwork, heart rate, hydration, blood pressure and many other things.


  • Fitness Functionality: Activity, weight and nutrition are the few major healthbook tabs dedicated to fitness tracking. Activity and weight function allow user to track body mass index, fat percentage and fitness progress.The nutrition tab allows you to take proper diet and thus this application is an exclusive combination for fitness freaks. Apple hired Jay Blahnik who will further contribute for the development of Healthbook’s fitness functionality.


  • Healthbook will monitor following health related issues:

  • Heart rate and blood pressure monitoring

  • Bloodwork, Oxygen Saturation, and Blood Sugar Tracking

  • Hydration and Respiratory Rate Measuring

  • Sleep Tracking


  • Emergency Cards: Rather than monitoring health and fitness tracking, healthbook will store user’s name, date of birth as well as over all medication information including weight, eye color, blood group and location. This information is mandatory in case of an emergency where patient is unable to speak for his illness. Healthcare application also allows users to add emergency contact information in order to notify his family member during an emergency. All these data will be stored in the various existing third-party iOS compatible health accessories.


  • Debut: Healthbook software is said to be tested with iOS 8, which is the next version of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch operating system. The anticipated rumors have also stated that iOS 8 will possess iOS 7’s design and features in more advanced form to increase it’s usage.


Let us wait and watch for forthcoming major releases and see whether this healthcare app may be able to transform health care industry for the betterment of society or not.



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Apple’s New Version iPhone Launch

Globally with the change in technologies apple is changing at a rapidly accelerating pace over the past few years. Apple always tried to reach its targeted customers by launching new devices, operating systems and other technical innovations. The tech giants have reported it as a manufacturer of rich featured devices and thus apple has marked the glory by launching new devices. There is no denying fact that Apple has hit the grandeur by taking a decent space in the constantly changing market. It’s goal is to provide quality devices for which users are looking for.

Apple always delivers the best results thus maintaining level of certainty no other industry could match. The highly rumored news states that apple is looking forward to launch two version of iPhone this year in the month of September.

  • Both these devices will have larger display than iPhone 5s. iPhone’s displays will be 4.7” and 5.5” with a 441ppi pixel density, which is very high in comparison with iPhone 5.

  • New version iPhone will have flat screen and the Display will be made of sapphire crystal which also relates with the news of manufacturing of new sapphire plant at Mesa, Arizona by this month.

iPhone 5c will be removed from the rank of being best device after the release of iPhone 6. 5s will be made from cheaper materials and thus will maintain its presence. Now lets see whether these highly rumored and anticipated devices will maintain the records as was done by earlier devices. May be these iPhone model could be a new headline among the top rank devices. These devices may be recognized as a benchmark of excellence among other launches this year.


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iOS has an Upper Hand on Android in Mobile Fragmentation

There has been a war waging between the two powerhouses of smartphones industry as Apple and Google take on each other trying to boast of their features over one another. Going down the same road, apple has come out with one issue that has plagued android for a long period of time. Mobile fragmentation is one aspect of Android that has been talked about for a long period of time. Although android has been able to garner much of the market under its mobile platform, its dependence upon OEMs to update their smartphones with latest update has made its overall ecosystem highly fragmented.

On the contrary, Apple has been able to keep its mobile fragmentation to the minimum, ensuring that its devices are running on the latest operating system and that developers don’t have to worry about supporting older and redundant version of its operating system.

In the recent report published by the Cupertino company it showed that more than 90 percent of the iOS devices are running on the latest iOS 6 while just five percent were running the older version of iOS 5. The biggest reason behind this difference can be pointed towards the fewer devices that Apple has to maintain. On the hind side Android has a plethora of devices that have to be individually maintained by the manufacturers.

There are just one third of the android devices running the latest Jellybean, while the previous version of Ice Cream sandwich still is running on 25 percent of the devices. It is important to note that the age of gingerbread still can be found on more than 35% of the devices. These are worrying figures for developers as they have to invoke backward support of their applications reducing the overall performance.

Apple has always been forthcoming in its approach towards its uniformity of updates and to ensure that most of its users are on the latest operating system so as to encompass on all the features. Android’s fragmentation has been a major issue which is why iOS still is the preferential platform for developers to launch their applications. Android has taken some vital step in that regard ensuring that manufacturers update their devices on a timely basis, but the scope of the fragmentation has reach far beyond correction. Apple has always contrasted the experience while developing of iOS to that for android, due to a limited number of devices to support running on most recent version.


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Apple has ridiculed all its critics with iOS 7

Who said that it was time for Apple to say goodbye to the smartphone supremacy and give the throne away. With the launch of BB 10, iOS had become the oldest operating system that had not undergone any major revamping. Many believed that Apple had not changed iOS ever since its launch, making its look outdated.

With the head of industrial design teams at Apple, Sir John Ivy coming on board to leading human interface software team, there were some radical changes expected. But iOS 7 has exceeded the expectations of many, giving all the critics some to think about. The preview of iOS 7 was shown at WWDC (worldwide developers conference) 2013, and it was ushering in a whole new look. The cosmetic changes done by Jonathan Ivy was evident as iOS has shed off all its glitter and put on a flat look. This major redesign of iOS was on cards for a long time and Apple has done all it can to ensure that it can rejuvenate its mobile platform.

While presenting the keynote, Apple CEO, Tim Cook called it “a stunning new user interface.” Their headline for the new interface was also on the same lines stating that they have made something good even better. There is no denying the fact that user design is the most vital aspect in the current smartphone market. There have been many reports that have stated the fact that the main reason behind this redesigned interface was that Jonathan Ivy believed that iOS wont hold the test of time and become redundant like in the case of Blackberry.

Although the preview of iOS 7 is available to all registered developers of Apple as a beta, the real deal would only be available to user in the coming fall. There would be a range of new features available in iOS 7 with the likes of:

  • New redesigned interface
  • New Lockscreen
  • New Icons
  • Flatter theme with emphasis on white and translucent
  • Background
  • Weather app with live and dynamic displays
  • Multiple page support in Folders
  • More detailed and social notification center
  • Audio calls on WiFi using Facetime
  • Notification syncing across devices
  • Phone and Message blocking
  • Whole new Camera interface


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iTunes Ought to Incorporate iCloud to Enhance Desktop User Experience

iTunes has become a behemoth of rich content in the form of music, apps, ebooks and podcasts. With over 800,000 applications alone in the app store, iTunes has broken away from the competition to create it own ecosystem. The UX of iTunes on desktop has been immensely increased and brought at par with iOS devices.

But there is no denying the fact that, from an end user perspective, iTunes has somehow become bloated. It common for any avid user of iOS, to have huge database of applications which have been bought or installed as free downloads. Overtime it creates a bloated app list at the dispense of user. In order to counter that Apple could surely use iCloud at their disposal, by stripping apart the unwieldy mess and bring the overall experience closer.

The iTunes Store has quite an extensive array of content. A simple search of superman would bring in a plethora of options in the form of movies, TV episodes, iPad apps, iPhone apps, Podcast, U content, and even music. Apple ought to understand the fact that not all iTunes users have iDevices in the forms of iPads, iPhones. There are many users that only use it on desktops. For them the overall experience of iTunes is quite messy as the searches done by them leads to an overload of information.

This brings in the question Cloud and how it can be used to ensure that only relevant information is made available to the users as per their requirement. Google in that sphere has done a viable part in referencing the searches in accordance to the need of the user. As most of its services are already cloud based, it allows user to differentiate between android store and chrome store.

Google does not manage anything on the desktop. most of their content is available on the cloud making it easier for them to have a holistic approach. In the age of cloud, apple should move away from current approach and try to bring more of its services in the cloud so that Apple users on desktop can have the same experience like its smartphone users. Apple can strip down iTunes in various sections so that users who require a media player can just have that, while those interested in Books can download a standalone application. Cloud can immensely enhance the experience of the user and Apple should take cognizance of this fact and move in that direction.


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