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iOS has an Upper Hand on Android in Mobile Fragmentation

There has been a war waging between the two powerhouses of smartphones industry as Apple and Google take on each other trying to boast of their features over one another. Going down the same road, apple has come out with one issue that has plagued android for a long period of time. Mobile fragmentation is one aspect of Android that has been talked about for a long period of time. Although android has been able to garner much of the market under its mobile platform, its dependence upon OEMs to update their smartphones with latest update has made its overall ecosystem highly fragmented.

On the contrary, Apple has been able to keep its mobile fragmentation to the minimum, ensuring that its devices are running on the latest operating system and that developers don’t have to worry about supporting older and redundant version of its operating system.

In the recent report published by the Cupertino company it showed that more than 90 percent of the iOS devices are running on the latest iOS 6 while just five percent were running the older version of iOS 5. The biggest reason behind this difference can be pointed towards the fewer devices that Apple has to maintain. On the hind side Android has a plethora of devices that have to be individually maintained by the manufacturers.

There are just one third of the android devices running the latest Jellybean, while the previous version of Ice Cream sandwich still is running on 25 percent of the devices. It is important to note that the age of gingerbread still can be found on more than 35% of the devices. These are worrying figures for developers as they have to invoke backward support of their applications reducing the overall performance.

Apple has always been forthcoming in its approach towards its uniformity of updates and to ensure that most of its users are on the latest operating system so as to encompass on all the features. Android’s fragmentation has been a major issue which is why iOS still is the preferential platform for developers to launch their applications. Android has taken some vital step in that regard ensuring that manufacturers update their devices on a timely basis, but the scope of the fragmentation has reach far beyond correction. Apple has always contrasted the experience while developing of iOS to that for android, due to a limited number of devices to support running on most recent version.


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iPad Gaming has risen multifolds pushing it ahead of the competition

Apple has created a whole new segment in the handheld computing sector, when it launched its highly popular iPad in 2010. There is no denying the fact that although Apple has got a substantial competition in the smartphone sector, it is still going strong as far as tablets are concerned. This has been complemented by the superlative UX provided by iOS as well its advanced features.

Gaming has always been an intrinsic segment of Tablets and has fostered the growth of iPads amongst the masses. Fact is hard to deny that almost every user, use iPad for far more applicability that entertainment, productivity and communication. With the abounding user interface elements including retina display and powerful processor, game enthusiasts have always been in favor to adopt iPad platform.

Compared to any other rival in the technology market, Apple has proved its worth and has been able to forge the app store way much better. iOS is always ahead of its competitors, with more than $10 billion revenue generated so far. The big chunk of iOS revenue stream has been captured by gaming applications. This is the reason why most of the iPad game developers have colonized on to this platform to launch their games. Because of the fact that iOS offers consumer centric platform, gaming has garnered fire to the emerging popularity.

 iPad games development has gone through lots of leaps and bounds to reach the position it currently holds today. The extensive popularity of gaming on iPad is indisputable from the fact that many console creators see iPad as an indispensable threat to their existence. With every passing moment, the quality of gaming is accelerating and giving a whole new experience to gamers on iPad.

iPad gaming has also been matching to the quality of console gaming as cost incursion is becoming a priority among developers. Publishing a game on iPad is way cheaper as compared to consoles which is why console manufacturers are seeing the popularity of iPads as a huge threat to their existence.

According to reports, iPad users spend more time on playing games than other device. In other words, the iPad transforms major slice of its users into gaming enthusiasts, and confirms larger block of revenue for iPhone game developers. User’s mindset is getting more and more mobile and becoming an essence for renowned game publishers to step forward from consoles to Smartphones.

The technology which was at forefront few years ago has become redundant today, making it imperative for service providers to stay in sync with the changing trends. Apple in that sense has always been seen as an innovator as it revolutionized many sectors with its unerring products from iPhone, iPad, iPads in the hardware sector and Siri, iCloud and app store in the software sector.


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Tired of likes and favorites on social networks? Try Hater App.

There is a huge culture of “likes” and “favorites” that is brewing across various social networks. These platforms of social connect are based on things people like and want to share. But what happens when a person wants to dislike a thing. Up till now there was no answer to it, but an app that describers itself as “an app that allows you to share the things you Hate” has given a new meaning to social hating.

The Hater app is a perfect place to dislike and push the down button instead of the traditional like button. It is a seamless platform where users can scroll through images and dislike the ones they don’t like. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that you can even share it with your friends and post it to major social networks like Facebook and Twitter, so show the world what you don’t like. The pictures can range from celebrities, politicians, bad service, too much traffic, bad movie, person wearing weird clothes, classmates, or even annoying Facebook “friends.”

The user interface of the application is very niche with emphasis being given to intuitiveness and simplicity. After you log in the application with you credentials, you are presented with a screen where you can browse through the most popularly-hated things. Users can then slap a dislike or a comment on the picture and continue browsing through other hated pictures.

There is also an option given to users to upload their submissions and perform a Google search to find images of popular hated topics. After selecting the pictures users can even put some filters on the pictures to make it appealing and post it with a title and caption. Users can also follow their friends and other haters to view things they hate. There is also a live streaming feed that shows all the hates from the people you follow. Moreover you can also write a hate rant to their posts and share it with your own followers.

There is an interesting feature in the application that makes it unique with the incorporation of anonymous hate share. Under an Alter Ego, haters can can share the hates anonymously so as to conceal their identity and hate. There are many other options that make the idea of hating a lot of fun. It is a land of social media where you are not bound to like a post and can dislike a thing as per your preference.

The application also allows users to add Geo-locations to the image as well as hash-tag to distinguish each post. It is an easy way to keep up the conversation across various haters for seamless communication. With push notifications integrated into the application, users can access and reply to the comments and hates on their posts. The interface of the application is simplistic and feature rich, with major emphasis given to interaction.

So next time you see a photo which you don’t like and want to rant out your annoyance, you can seek the solace in a shared discontent. Available as a free download on the iTunes, it requires iOS 4.0 and above.

To download Hater App for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch click here.


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iRant – Video Message Sharing

iRant is a video message sharing application for iPhone and iPad. Users can upload the videos from Video Gallery or by capturing the Live Video from device camera. If their friends like the video they can rant back to the video. It means that they can leave a comment with a video upload rather than only a mere string of text in comment.

Basically, the purpose of this application is to let user capture, view and share their videos in just few taps. The application is designed in a user friendly manner with easy categorization of videos like Reality Tv, celebrity, political, dating service, jobs, family, restaurants, birthday, real estate, entertainment, music, babies, vacation and many more.

Each category has specific videos listed in it. You can view these videos and share it with your friends through Facebook, Twitter and Email.

The best feature that makes it a must for every iOS device is its easy functionality including features like you can upload videos very easily or make the new ones instantly. Next it takes communication to a next level as we all know “Video says it all”. It will take just few seconds to share it with your friends and family all across the globe in just few seconds. User can download iRant App from iTunes.


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Can iPhone apps really boost the capability of education business?

We are in the age of digitization where everything is accessible at ease. The revolution of smartphone, tablets, PDA’s has made our level of interaction with knowledge hundred times stronger. Earlier the knowledge was limited to books, and then came television and computers and now it’s the time of smart devices.

In 2011 the smartphone market was good and looked promising but in the current it increased with leaps and bounds. Smartphone like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows has attracted great pool of audience across the globe. Apple being the most popular manufacturer of smart devices like iPhone, iPad and now iPad mini is said to play prominent role in bringing world at user’s fingertips.

The whole credit goes to innovative and exclusive iPhone application development ventures all over the world under which application supporting every viable niche market of business to tap into. From entertainment to business iPhone applications have proved its worth. So, now if we say that iPhone applications have the hidden potential to support education industry in a great way then it will not wrong.

Every nation believes right education is path to success and prosperity of the nation. Education is the most effective manner t built a healthy and growing society. From the beginning education industry has been very supportive in adapting technology and modification for delivering education in a better way. Currently, monitoring the changes in knowledge sharing and accessing methods education industry needs new models and framework to adapt mobile learning and matching the needs of radically changing population.

What difference  iPhone apps development can bring to education business?

– Easy access & share: Knowledge is increased when shared. So, via medium of smartphones and apps knowledge is certain spread fast and widespread. The 24*7 internet access gives all time access to knowledge and references on web which can help in making better decisions.

– Great level of communication: Smartphones are all about staying in touch all the time. The easy connectivity among students, parents and teachers will undoubtedly boost the level of communication and will be great help in process of learning.

– Better learning & Productivity: As we said above educational iPhone apps will improve the process of learning. If the student will learn in a better way then, certainly he will be more confident in his reports and projects. The productivity will be augmented.

– Saves time and efforts: The most simple and useful benefit having good educational apps will surely save lot of time and efforts of students as well as teachers which can be used in a more productive manner.

So, we can say that iPhone applications will prove beneficial. Though, there is some reluctance in adaptation of smart devices but students because connectivity 24*7 may prove disastrous in the view of parents and teachers. But with some careful innovation and app development, the distractions to students can be restricted. For this, education business owners must hire professional and experienced iPhone application developers from a renowned company.


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