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Conquer your competitions to make mobile app shine!!

In the age if globalization, every industry is a competitive and progressive like mobile software industry. Moreover, the immersion of Information technology via mobile devices is completely inevitable to witness. Last few years have been the testifier of how the advancements in mobile technology has bought a new wireless revolution in almost every existent industry.

The change is not on the technology side but in almost every sphere from production, material management, marketing to customer feedback everything has gone mobile. Some of industries have blended mobile technology via its intelligent apps very flawlessly in their working architecture. Smartphones from the beginning has the potential to deliver something out of the box to the world but the current status and market statistics are just spell bounding.

The mobile technology and mobile application development has actually made world absolutely transparent. The increasing share of mobile marketing and its incurred revenue has forced many of the business to step into the new digital world of marketing and work accordingly.

Now, when we are at a stage where our smartphones either iPhone, Android or Windows are capable of doing just anything or application industry also growing by leaps and bounds it is very necessary not consider mobile applications as a priority.

Competition, the big word is everywhere. Even the mobile application industry itself is also not spared. iPhone application developers and Android application developers are the die-hard competitors which are ready to go to any extent to serve their customers and fulfill their needs. So, we can say with more than enough mobile apps developers working diligently to solve enterprise and customer’s problem out of all only one or two will actually surpass others.

The application that leave a mark are developed with careful planning, steady iterations and by doing something that other developers just overlook i.e. studying their competition. If somehow one fails to keep an eye on its competitors then you are easy prey to let your app go up on the mercy of luck or see your app will just sink in the ocean of imperfect fellow mobile applications.

In a nutshell, how monitoring your competitions increase the chances of your app survival in the market?

-> You will get to the more clear idea of the current app market trends.
-> You will know what type of app should target what type of audience.
-> The change in the overall reputation and revenue of the company after the success of the application will make you aware of whether it is suitable to move on for mobile app or not.
-> The choice between the plenty of mobile platforms available in the market will become easier.
-> The need to have multi-platform and multi lingual app will also be analyzed.
-> The app marketing techniques and mobile- freemium or in-app purchase can also be decided.
-> The trend of need and release of application update can be monitored.
-> Yearly revenue which will give you more confidence to invest.
-> Last but not the least, one can review what made audience fall for this application.

These analysis and thorough study will certainly make your development project more stable and justifiable. This will also let you understand what you actually want from your mobile application and what you should do to make it a distinct product from others unproductive fellow applications.


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Money no bar for Satisfied & Happy iPhone Apps Users!!

As iPhone apps developers we all want high revenue from our applications. We do everything from having the best design for our app and then putting in all unique and useful functionalities to make our app look great. We also put lots of sessions on whether we should go for paid app model or free app including in app payment model for getting the expected revenue from the apps.

The development companies also go for sheer development process from highly skilled iPhone apps developers having great knowledge about app stores and platform. But now most of the time developers ignore the actual key to success of apps in the App Store. Now, when the users are very mush familiar with apps and have millions of application to choose from then what is a feature that will actually make user satisfied and lured towards your chat. The answer to entertain the user need right when he needs it i.e. Live chat integration. This feature is getting high popularity among web businesses. Live Chat Bridge the gap between user and the business provider.

Live chat integration in application will certainly give your app an edge over others. The users will never ignore an app that is always there to answer his queries. It especially works well for businesses which provide some kind of services to users like health, beauty treatments, taxi service, movie booking and list goes on. This feature will definitely make your users extremely happy and if they are happy they tend to spend more.

So, if iphone apps developers are anticipating earning good revenue from your iPhone app integrate Live Chat into your applications. The more your will have direct interaction with your customers the more users will be free to spend money to avail your services.

In a nutshell, happy users spend more money why ?

They get answers to their problems in not less than a min.

It saves their time and efforts to make a call or send a query email.

It creates a reliable trust between customer and service provider.

24 hour availability makes user secure and interested about the quality of service provider.

If user is getting everything at time he needs he will not mind in spending some extra bucks to save his efforts.

It shows that service provider care and world for users and their feedback is important.

The real time example of happy users spend more money is the shooting sales figures of Iphone 5. Apple is a reputed brand in smartphone market and the new iPhone 5 is the costliest smartphone available in the market till date but then there is high demand and less supply which means Apple has built a huge trust in user’s heart that they are ready to spend any amount of money to grab their Apple device. This is great news for developers and a lesson to be learnt that nothing can force user to spend money more than their satisfaction.


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New iPadMini posing like a severe headache for iOS developers!!!

Apple stores are witnessing loads of buzz in their stores these days because of the recent launch new Apple iPhone5 in the market. Apple iPhone5 broke all sales records in spite of the fact that it has many shortcomings from user’s point of view. This proved the customer satisfaction has given users in past five years that after all the issues stated they are still ready to spend ample amount to grab their piece of device.

Let move ahead with the news of another product that is soon to be announced by Apple on October 23 probably. The device is called as iPad Mini – a mixture of iPhone and iPad screen size. It sound quite interesting for users to see a new line of product in Apple stores but it will certainly a brainteaser for many iPhone apps developers and iPad apps developers.

New screen size may pose questions!!

Now, Apple is well known with the popularity and issues going on with Android due to its device fragmentation. However, it worked in favor of Android but Apple is just playing the gamble especially with the developer’s environment.

From the very beginning iOS environment has been very favorable and easy for developers. New or experienced developers never felt any chaos while making apps for either iPhones or iPads. But the scenario may change when a new screen size will be launched. Though, iPhone apps developers have already facing some unease to make a shift from 3.5 inch screen to 4 inch screen.

So, one can imagine what a screen size of range in between 3.5 inch to 9.7 inch will do to developers!! Now, all depends on the Apple how it transforms its development environment and not makes this new device a headache for developers.


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How To Get Your Ex Back

Planning to have a smashing hit How To Get Your Ex Back in the iTunes? Or Just looking for making your small scale business online so that you can expand your business opportunities. After the mind blowing success and sales of iPhone5, the world has gone in hands in iPhone5. It was the sheer example of the love and trust people have in Apple iPhone and its apps that they bought the phones even at such a high price.

This is bought bit unrest among small businesses that it has become almost mandatory to join the iPhone apps platform in order to stay ahead with persuasive business prospects. But many of them are still very reluctant in making a strong decision for joining iOS due to its high cost of iPhone application development and tedious process of iTunes to pass the app for submission.

One more trend that is prevailing among these small scale businesses is that they are looking out ways to develop their iPhone app on their own. So, here are some the very useful and handy tools which do not need much fluency in the technical coding like Objective C and C++.

To name a few tools for small scale iPhone application development:

  • App Breeder
  • Appcelerator
  • Appcookr
  • Appmakr
  • AppMobi
  • Kanchoo
  • MobiCart
  • Mobbase
  • mobileApploader
  • Phone Gap
  • PhoneGap build
  • Sencha touch
  • Unity Mobile
  • Zocalo Labs

These tools have enough functionalities and API’s to go ahead with your Iphone apps development plan. So, good luck with your new and expedient app.


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Life Saving Tips for iPhone 5 Apps Developers to Adapt Changes !!

Now, when the iPhone5 is out and almost going sold out across the world. It’s high time for all aspiring developers keen to develop or modify exclusive apps for the new big screen of iPhone5. The new iPhone5 was in wait from quite a long time. All across the world, iPhone 5 saw long queue of Apple lovers waiting to grab their piece of new technology.

But before iPhone apps developers dive into the pool of restricting and redesigning their apps for making them ready for iPhone5, there are some high priority tips that can save their efforts from going into vain. It is because it is not only about doubling the pixel count of the app, although it is quite more than that.

Here are some extremely handy and lifesaving tips for iPhone developers making their notes to update their existing apps or designing their news for the new marvel iPhone5:

1. It is the time for developing stretchable User Interfaces for your apps. This will be a handy modification for the future too. This can be done by going for vertically stretchable layout code in app instead of using screen height attributes altogether. The vertical code will help utilizing unused screen space.

2. Stay with List views in the apps. It means that if the apps created by you already use list views then it is beneficial because they can take advantage automatically of the increased screen space.

3. Google Maps are now replaced with Apple Maps. If your app is using the Google Maps API now it is the right time to replace your Google API’s with Apple maps API’s. If your will continue your apps with Google API’s then it may be termed as incompatible and irrelevant for Geo-aware apps.

4. Now, the new Video apps offer a 16:9 true widescreen functions. The bigger 4.0 inch screen allows a fantastic and great looking widescreen view. It means that video or streaming apps must reflect this screen change.

5. Now, Iphone games development apps work is about to increase. Big graphical assets will be requiring more concerted push towards vector graphic design. Now, it’s the time for vector based game development process.

These useful tips will help iPhone 5 apps developers to work smartly and give more benefits with fewer efforts. So, developers must roll up their sleeves and join the new reign of apps for latest device.


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