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Apple has ridiculed all its critics with iOS 7

Who said that it was time for Apple to say goodbye to the smartphone supremacy and give the throne away. With the launch of BB 10, iOS had become the oldest operating system that had not undergone any major revamping. Many believed that Apple had not changed iOS ever since its launch, making its look outdated.

With the head of industrial design teams at Apple, Sir John Ivy coming on board to leading human interface software team, there were some radical changes expected. But iOS 7 has exceeded the expectations of many, giving all the critics some to think about. The preview of iOS 7 was shown at WWDC (worldwide developers conference) 2013, and it was ushering in a whole new look. The cosmetic changes done by Jonathan Ivy was evident as iOS has shed off all its glitter and put on a flat look. This major redesign of iOS was on cards for a long time and Apple has done all it can to ensure that it can rejuvenate its mobile platform.

While presenting the keynote, Apple CEO, Tim Cook called it “a stunning new user interface.” Their headline for the new interface was also on the same lines stating that they have made something good even better. There is no denying the fact that user design is the most vital aspect in the current smartphone market. There have been many reports that have stated the fact that the main reason behind this redesigned interface was that Jonathan Ivy believed that iOS wont hold the test of time and become redundant like in the case of Blackberry.

Although the preview of iOS 7 is available to all registered developers of Apple as a beta, the real deal would only be available to user in the coming fall. There would be a range of new features available in iOS 7 with the likes of:

  • New redesigned interface
  • New Lockscreen
  • New Icons
  • Flatter theme with emphasis on white and translucent
  • Background
  • Weather app with live and dynamic displays
  • Multiple page support in Folders
  • More detailed and social notification center
  • Audio calls on WiFi using Facetime
  • Notification syncing across devices
  • Phone and Message blocking
  • Whole new Camera interface


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Trends in 2013 that would shape iPhone application development

Technology is moving at a really fast pace with new trends surfacing every now and then. This is an era of mobile applications and iOS is the undisputedly at the top of the smartphone chain. Over the years iPhone applications have increased with leaps and bounds with over 800,000 applications in the apple app store till date.

New technology trends, strategic directives, opportunities and challenges often shape the development process of any application. Taking all these aspects into account iPhone app developers cannot ignore the fact that in order to stay up to date it is imperative for them to move the modern technology into the future. With smart developmental process and innovative decisions, it becomes very easy to anyone to design, deploy and program an application.

There is no denying the fact that 2012 has been the year for mobile application development. With smartphones taking the center stage it is necessary for organizations and businesses to have a mobile app via which they can increase their targeted users base. Users want information on the go under the palms of their hands. Having a mobile application ensures greater productivity and increase in revenue generation.

There are many analysts of the view that the trend that engulfed 2012 would continue in 2013 and stronghold its position even further. With everything going mobile, smartphones and tablets are set to overtake desktops as the most commonly used way to access Web.

Due to the immense popularity of iOS among ios apps developers, there has been a greater focus on developing apps and games for the platform. In this way it keeps up with today’s trends and occupies precisely the niche that will be dominant on the market in the years to come.

iPhone on its hardware aspect and iOS on its software aspect are known for precision, and its combination results in a premium product intended for premium market. With over $10 billion revenue being generated from app store, developers have been flocking to iOS as it is able to monetize application very profoundly.

There are many areas which have been a favorite of the developers. In 2013 finance and business, healthcare, education and productivity would be most revenue generating categories for an iPhone application. The developers who have closely followed this trend would have an upper hand. Moreover application development is taking on far greater challenges and in order to simplify them is moving towards innovative solutions. Time has come for developers to embrace Cloud based developmental process. With more and more integration of services in the technology it is vital to use centralized resource. This not only keeps the cost input down but also increase the performance of the application as it becomes easy for developers to scale the app as per requirement.


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iOS7 likely to be released in the second quarter of 2013

There have been a lot of speculations going on the blogosphere on the next iteration of iOS. There have been many developers that stated that iOS7 has been appearing in their developer logs. What is more interesting is the fact that the IP addresses belong to the Apple’s Cupertino Campus. This has generated a lot of buzz around that Apple is testing its next version of iOS and looking how some popular applications work on it.

Although it might be in its developmental phase, but many believe that with the next iPhone scheduled to be released in the month of June, Apple might add the flavor of iOS7 over it. Another speculation that has been going around is the fact that Apple might open Siri to developers, which means that programmers would be able to tap into its capabilities and develop applications. This newer version of Siri 2.0 is a must and would lead to a lot of innovative applications. Till date Apple has kept its default application in a closed ecosystem and developers have not been able to utilize the true power of iOS.

Another feature that iOS users have been waiting for a long time that Apple should open its OS for more customization like widgets that are found on Android. Although The sheer fluidic user experience of iOS cannot be denied, but it has not changed much since its inception with static rows of icons.

Apple has seen a lot of bashing in the recent time for its bullishness to not change with time and impose things on others. This has been the major reason why ios apps developers have now started to shift there attention towards android, which according to them gives more room for innovation and development.

It is just a matter of time that Apple recognizes this and takes some drastic changes in the way it handles its most valuable asset, iPhone. There are a lot of hopes on iOS7 that it will bring with it some pleasant changes. There have been some hint towards that with Apple even putting a job posting seeking a person that can evolve and enrich Siri.

IOS has always been a superior mobile OS as compared to others with a plethora of applications. But with android catching up to it on both, fluidity front and number of application front, it is high time that Apple flexes its muscle and comes up with some huge. Users can only speculate that Apple has something big in store for them in the form of iOS7, but they all will have to wait for it to be released.


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Can iPhone apps really boost the capability of education business?

We are in the age of digitization where everything is accessible at ease. The revolution of smartphone, tablets, PDA’s has made our level of interaction with knowledge hundred times stronger. Earlier the knowledge was limited to books, and then came television and computers and now it’s the time of smart devices.

In 2011 the smartphone market was good and looked promising but in the current it increased with leaps and bounds. Smartphone like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows has attracted great pool of audience across the globe. Apple being the most popular manufacturer of smart devices like iPhone, iPad and now iPad mini is said to play prominent role in bringing world at user’s fingertips.

The whole credit goes to innovative and exclusive iPhone application development ventures all over the world under which application supporting every viable niche market of business to tap into. From entertainment to business iPhone applications have proved its worth. So, now if we say that iPhone applications have the hidden potential to support education industry in a great way then it will not wrong.

Every nation believes right education is path to success and prosperity of the nation. Education is the most effective manner t built a healthy and growing society. From the beginning education industry has been very supportive in adapting technology and modification for delivering education in a better way. Currently, monitoring the changes in knowledge sharing and accessing methods education industry needs new models and framework to adapt mobile learning and matching the needs of radically changing population.

What difference  iPhone apps development can bring to education business?

– Easy access & share: Knowledge is increased when shared. So, via medium of smartphones and apps knowledge is certain spread fast and widespread. The 24*7 internet access gives all time access to knowledge and references on web which can help in making better decisions.

– Great level of communication: Smartphones are all about staying in touch all the time. The easy connectivity among students, parents and teachers will undoubtedly boost the level of communication and will be great help in process of learning.

– Better learning & Productivity: As we said above educational iPhone apps will improve the process of learning. If the student will learn in a better way then, certainly he will be more confident in his reports and projects. The productivity will be augmented.

– Saves time and efforts: The most simple and useful benefit having good educational apps will surely save lot of time and efforts of students as well as teachers which can be used in a more productive manner.

So, we can say that iPhone applications will prove beneficial. Though, there is some reluctance in adaptation of smart devices but students because connectivity 24*7 may prove disastrous in the view of parents and teachers. But with some careful innovation and app development, the distractions to students can be restricted. For this, education business owners must hire professional and experienced iPhone application developers from a renowned company.


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iPhone 5 and Android both platforms working for enterprise apps!!

Enterprise applications are the biggest trend of 2012 in mobile apps industry. All leading business and professionals are well aware of its untapped strength and potential to turn the strides to its sides.

Enterprise applications can be described as the app which enables business to perform its job and duty in a more organized and productive manner.

The trend of enterprise apps was incepted by Blackberry smartphones but somehow they lost their limelight to the hands of Apple iPhone and Android phones. Now, the iphone application developers and Android application developers are working diligently to make their platform outshine in enterprise applications. Apple app store has more than 700,000 million apps in its app store which gave it a sheer dominance in mobile apps industry. It has plenty of the top and high in demand apps and the most satisfied community of developers.

Though Android Marketplace also has lots of apps but still its other issues like malware and fragmentation fade the sparkle of its applications. But now as enterprises are planning to give liberty to its employees and even feel that these smart devices including smartphone and tablets are capable of keeping employees stay connected with their work no matter where they are. That is why many companies are giving nod to BYOD (bring your own device) policy, which means employees, can use their own device to their workplace and access their work.

The BYOD policy undoubtedly has pushed the need and demand of enterprise application based on all enterprise activities to be performed in an organization. To name a few jobs that can be done are database management, document sharing, instant chat, presentations, crystal reports etc. Many iPhone application development companies are offering exclusive enterprise apps development services.

But there are few points to be kept in mind while going for enterprise app development for any business:

1. Do your business in real need an enterprise application?
2. What purpose you want to fulfill with an enterprise app?
3. What budget you want to spend on app development?
4. Will security of business be maintained by the app development?
5. Are you willing to deploy BYOD policy in your organization?

If you have answers to these questions, then next job is to look for the best and experienced iPhone app development company which can give you more clear idea about the app and its prospects.


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