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iOS has an Upper Hand on Android in Mobile Fragmentation

There has been a war waging between the two powerhouses of smartphones industry as Apple and Google take on each other trying to boast of their features over one another. Going down the same road, apple has come out with one issue that has plagued android for a long period of time. Mobile fragmentation is one aspect of Android that has been talked about for a long period of time. Although android has been able to garner much of the market under its mobile platform, its dependence upon OEMs to update their smartphones with latest update has made its overall ecosystem highly fragmented.

On the contrary, Apple has been able to keep its mobile fragmentation to the minimum, ensuring that its devices are running on the latest operating system and that developers don’t have to worry about supporting older and redundant version of its operating system.

In the recent report published by the Cupertino company it showed that more than 90 percent of the iOS devices are running on the latest iOS 6 while just five percent were running the older version of iOS 5. The biggest reason behind this difference can be pointed towards the fewer devices that Apple has to maintain. On the hind side Android has a plethora of devices that have to be individually maintained by the manufacturers.

There are just one third of the android devices running the latest Jellybean, while the previous version of Ice Cream sandwich still is running on 25 percent of the devices. It is important to note that the age of gingerbread still can be found on more than 35% of the devices. These are worrying figures for developers as they have to invoke backward support of their applications reducing the overall performance.

Apple has always been forthcoming in its approach towards its uniformity of updates and to ensure that most of its users are on the latest operating system so as to encompass on all the features. Android’s fragmentation has been a major issue which is why iOS still is the preferential platform for developers to launch their applications. Android has taken some vital step in that regard ensuring that manufacturers update their devices on a timely basis, but the scope of the fragmentation has reach far beyond correction. Apple has always contrasted the experience while developing of iOS to that for android, due to a limited number of devices to support running on most recent version.


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Apple Releases 6.1.1 beta to developers just days after 6.1 final release

Apple has understood the fact that smartphone technology is moving at a very rapid pace and users demand new innovative feature embedded in their smartphones. This is why in the recent years it has shortened the update period of its iOS software. The Cupertino Company now releases developers build every now and then and after a definitive period of time release a public release.

Recently Apple launched iOS 6.1 public released which brought some substantial enhancements to the OS. But within days of the public release, Apple came out with another surprise for developers with iOS 6.1.1 beta. This latest version brings in some interesting changes, but is more importantly aimed with major enhancement to Maps for Japan.

This is a pre-release version of iOS 6.1.1 beta for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and the devices that will be updated to this version will not be able to restored to earlier version of OS.

In all the beta releases, Apple puts in an expiration date after which the version becomes void. But interestingly in this version, Apple did not put any expiration date, which means that the developers can use this version without any time limit.

The main motive of these beta releases for iOS is to ensure that iPhone app developers can make their applications compatible with the changes involved in the latest version. Sometimes there are some changes invoked by Apple that could make some modules of an application crash.

But putting in pre-release, Apple not only tests its own release, but also gives the iPhone developers a way to test their own application compatibility. But the beta release cycle have been getting random and developers don’t have any clue as to how many releases would apple put forward before the final release. Although there have been 5 betas on an average before any major public release, this latest release coming without an expiration date raises many questions in the mind of developers.

This also raises a lot of questions on the supposedly rumors that Apple is gearing up for a major iOS7 release for mid 2013. Whatever the case might be, there is a lot at stake for apple on iOS7 and many are looking forward to it. There are speculations that it would come out with some major changes and innovative features.


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Can iPhone apps really boost the capability of education business?

We are in the age of digitization where everything is accessible at ease. The revolution of smartphone, tablets, PDA’s has made our level of interaction with knowledge hundred times stronger. Earlier the knowledge was limited to books, and then came television and computers and now it’s the time of smart devices.

In 2011 the smartphone market was good and looked promising but in the current it increased with leaps and bounds. Smartphone like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows has attracted great pool of audience across the globe. Apple being the most popular manufacturer of smart devices like iPhone, iPad and now iPad mini is said to play prominent role in bringing world at user’s fingertips.

The whole credit goes to innovative and exclusive iPhone application development ventures all over the world under which application supporting every viable niche market of business to tap into. From entertainment to business iPhone applications have proved its worth. So, now if we say that iPhone applications have the hidden potential to support education industry in a great way then it will not wrong.

Every nation believes right education is path to success and prosperity of the nation. Education is the most effective manner t built a healthy and growing society. From the beginning education industry has been very supportive in adapting technology and modification for delivering education in a better way. Currently, monitoring the changes in knowledge sharing and accessing methods education industry needs new models and framework to adapt mobile learning and matching the needs of radically changing population.

What difference  iPhone apps development can bring to education business?

– Easy access & share: Knowledge is increased when shared. So, via medium of smartphones and apps knowledge is certain spread fast and widespread. The 24*7 internet access gives all time access to knowledge and references on web which can help in making better decisions.

– Great level of communication: Smartphones are all about staying in touch all the time. The easy connectivity among students, parents and teachers will undoubtedly boost the level of communication and will be great help in process of learning.

– Better learning & Productivity: As we said above educational iPhone apps will improve the process of learning. If the student will learn in a better way then, certainly he will be more confident in his reports and projects. The productivity will be augmented.

– Saves time and efforts: The most simple and useful benefit having good educational apps will surely save lot of time and efforts of students as well as teachers which can be used in a more productive manner.

So, we can say that iPhone applications will prove beneficial. Though, there is some reluctance in adaptation of smart devices but students because connectivity 24*7 may prove disastrous in the view of parents and teachers. But with some careful innovation and app development, the distractions to students can be restricted. For this, education business owners must hire professional and experienced iPhone application developers from a renowned company.


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Conquer your competitions to make mobile app shine!!

In the age if globalization, every industry is a competitive and progressive like mobile software industry. Moreover, the immersion of Information technology via mobile devices is completely inevitable to witness. Last few years have been the testifier of how the advancements in mobile technology has bought a new wireless revolution in almost every existent industry.

The change is not on the technology side but in almost every sphere from production, material management, marketing to customer feedback everything has gone mobile. Some of industries have blended mobile technology via its intelligent apps very flawlessly in their working architecture. Smartphones from the beginning has the potential to deliver something out of the box to the world but the current status and market statistics are just spell bounding.

The mobile technology and mobile application development has actually made world absolutely transparent. The increasing share of mobile marketing and its incurred revenue has forced many of the business to step into the new digital world of marketing and work accordingly.

Now, when we are at a stage where our smartphones either iPhone, Android or Windows are capable of doing just anything or application industry also growing by leaps and bounds it is very necessary not consider mobile applications as a priority.

Competition, the big word is everywhere. Even the mobile application industry itself is also not spared. iPhone application developers and Android application developers are the die-hard competitors which are ready to go to any extent to serve their customers and fulfill their needs. So, we can say with more than enough mobile apps developers working diligently to solve enterprise and customer’s problem out of all only one or two will actually surpass others.

The application that leave a mark are developed with careful planning, steady iterations and by doing something that other developers just overlook i.e. studying their competition. If somehow one fails to keep an eye on its competitors then you are easy prey to let your app go up on the mercy of luck or see your app will just sink in the ocean of imperfect fellow mobile applications.

In a nutshell, how monitoring your competitions increase the chances of your app survival in the market?

-> You will get to the more clear idea of the current app market trends.
-> You will know what type of app should target what type of audience.
-> The change in the overall reputation and revenue of the company after the success of the application will make you aware of whether it is suitable to move on for mobile app or not.
-> The choice between the plenty of mobile platforms available in the market will become easier.
-> The need to have multi-platform and multi lingual app will also be analyzed.
-> The app marketing techniques and mobile- freemium or in-app purchase can also be decided.
-> The trend of need and release of application update can be monitored.
-> Yearly revenue which will give you more confidence to invest.
-> Last but not the least, one can review what made audience fall for this application.

These analysis and thorough study will certainly make your development project more stable and justifiable. This will also let you understand what you actually want from your mobile application and what you should do to make it a distinct product from others unproductive fellow applications.


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iPhone 5 and Android both platforms working for enterprise apps!!

Enterprise applications are the biggest trend of 2012 in mobile apps industry. All leading business and professionals are well aware of its untapped strength and potential to turn the strides to its sides.

Enterprise applications can be described as the app which enables business to perform its job and duty in a more organized and productive manner.

The trend of enterprise apps was incepted by Blackberry smartphones but somehow they lost their limelight to the hands of Apple iPhone and Android phones. Now, the iphone application developers and Android application developers are working diligently to make their platform outshine in enterprise applications. Apple app store has more than 700,000 million apps in its app store which gave it a sheer dominance in mobile apps industry. It has plenty of the top and high in demand apps and the most satisfied community of developers.

Though Android Marketplace also has lots of apps but still its other issues like malware and fragmentation fade the sparkle of its applications. But now as enterprises are planning to give liberty to its employees and even feel that these smart devices including smartphone and tablets are capable of keeping employees stay connected with their work no matter where they are. That is why many companies are giving nod to BYOD (bring your own device) policy, which means employees, can use their own device to their workplace and access their work.

The BYOD policy undoubtedly has pushed the need and demand of enterprise application based on all enterprise activities to be performed in an organization. To name a few jobs that can be done are database management, document sharing, instant chat, presentations, crystal reports etc. Many iPhone application development companies are offering exclusive enterprise apps development services.

But there are few points to be kept in mind while going for enterprise app development for any business:

1. Do your business in real need an enterprise application?
2. What purpose you want to fulfill with an enterprise app?
3. What budget you want to spend on app development?
4. Will security of business be maintained by the app development?
5. Are you willing to deploy BYOD policy in your organization?

If you have answers to these questions, then next job is to look for the best and experienced iPhone app development company which can give you more clear idea about the app and its prospects.


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