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An Integrated Approach Towards Healthy Living

With the growing pace of life, there has been an exponential rise in day to day health problems. This has led to the contribution of mobile technology towards delivering industry best solutions to tackle the health related issues to be rendered with extreme care and diligence. The mobility solutions have been molded to offer a better and worthwhile lifestyle to users across the planet.

Today app stores are preloaded with applications that smoothen life in every manner they can. Unfortunately, most of them are repetitive and do not offer the incentive of giving the users recent updates, reports and surveys that must be relayed back to users to know the latest on health care and other such areas of life.

To solve the issue of the users worldwide, Fighter Diet has come up with their latest app “Live Life Lean” that brings with it seamless UX design elements, rich content and latest update features on articles, photos, health journals and exercise descriptions.

The application has several simplistic modules that are easy to navigate. It is categorized into following main sections :

  • Workout Journal : This module can be used to fill in your Average Heart Rate. Other details regarding duration of exercises as well as Weight Training can be seen in this section. The intuitive mobile solution is further expanded into Outdoor Running, Treadmill, Sand Running, Spinning, Swimming, Stepmill, Kick boxing, Stair Master and Sprints.

    An option of Activity History illustrates the entire cardio session details of the user records. These can later be referred to list the changes that have so far been incurred while performing regular workouts and scheduling the diet routines.

  • Diet Journal : In the Diet Journal section, the user can see the latest nutritional facts related to what must be eaten and when. For instance, there is a complete list of information about the ideal breakfast recipes and the nutritional content they deliver to the body. The diet records can be observed over a period of time that predicts descriptive analysis on the diet maintained by the user over the period and the nutrition received by his body over that time.

  • Exercises : This section holds all videos and program descriptions regarding the exercises. In case the user is unaware of ideal exercise schedule and the right way of performing the exercises, then here are the videos, guidelines and programs that must be referred for obtaining in-depth information about a thorough workout.

  • Articles : The Healthcare industry witnesses constant fluctuations and updations. Hence, it is necessary to view the latest from the healthcare arena to offer oneself the best of food and gym. This section of app showcases articles on latest news and journals relevant to the users concerned with this application.

In brief, the app is a complete package for those who have finally decided to get their bodies in shape in-spite of all uncertainties of life. With so many diseases hounding the generation today, it is utmost necessary to preserve health. The fastest way to obtain an incredible health state is to incorporate this highly intuitive app in your daily life and schedule your routine as per the actual requirement and necessity.

Available on the App Store.


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Real Time Data Aggregator For Gold & Other Metals

For any mobile developer, it is a known fact that every application is made up of various modules that need to work together proficiently in order to offer an immersive user experience. Even a simple application with basic functionality can attain immense success if it pitches itself perfectly to do what it is meant to do. In layman’s terms you can put this notion in correspondence to the 1969 World Series when New York Mets, which was an average team came together and went on to create one of the finest wins in the series history.

The same holds true for iGoldline app which has been created with a soul purpose of distributing precious metals information to their user. The functionality of the application is seamless, however the way it has been executed makes it an ideal choice for investors as well as collectors.

Each and every module of the application offers relevant information for Gold and silver coins along with other precious metals. Major emphasis has been put on design front so that end user does not find it cumbersome to access the data in real time. The applications has been divided into various modules:

  • Metal Spot Prices :- This shows the current market price, change in price and change percentage of precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium in real time

  • Financial Markets :- It offers the financial details of stock market for NASDAQ, Dow Jones, S&P 500 and US Dollar in real time. This is highly beneficial for users as it provides adequate information to the users for making future assessment of the market.

  • News/ Videos :- This module contains the latest news and videos regarding the precious metals by Goldline LLC. This further has been segregated into various modules like American Advisor Podcasts, Recent Industry News, Market Analyst Predictions and Press Center.

  • Coin Catalog :- This module shows precious coins like Gold coins, Silver coins, Platinum coins, Palladium coins and IRA along with their Specifications and Details.

  • Goldline Difference :- This module is all about the importance and what makes Goldline International different from others.

  • Social :- There is also an additional module added to the application for the Social connectivity of the app. It offers users to share data with their friends and colleagues offering an ideal user experience.

It is vital to understand that the applications has been designed in such a manner that each and every module is able to offer optimal usability to the end user. The overall design is fluidic and special emphasis have been laid so that information is easily accessible. The crux of this application is to provide real time data to the investor as well as collector which makes it important for every module to have seamless viability in accordance to one another.

Available on the App Store.


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The ‘Heartbleed’ security flaw that affects most of the Internet

Security at its utmost is a keystroke for all internet applications. Enterprise in this modernize technological world are at an interesting crossroad in terms of security issues. Current era consists of individuals whose demands are placed on future oriented security services. There is a core competency of increasing services to the consumers but certain issues that have been significantly increased in last few years are related to security. The security of applications mainly relies on inbuilt obligations within the code and majority of obligations are found in the application layer. Even a minor mistake at requirement gathering stage results in leaving application is liable to attacks.


The Heartbleed Bug: It is a serious susceptibility bug that allows anyone to steal the information protected by versions of OpenSSL software. This a major issue which consists of keys used to signify service provider, encrypt traffic, names and passwords of end users by the SSL encryption used to secure the internet. Heartbleed could have far-reaching consequences and can lay adverse impact on the maximum number of internet users. It allows cyber criminals to spy on communication of users and steal data directly in order to put an act on services and end users. Since last two years, this problem has been rising significantly and we could see that the communications being been addressed to malicious monitoring.


How to stop leak: There is no simple solution for this major issue and certain activities need to be taken by the number of visitors visiting the site. Enterprises must also take certain steps in order to protect data and encryption keys by upgrading sew version of OpenSSL. Organizations can even invalidate compromised SSL certificates by issuing new ones. Core companies as Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Amazon have taken fundamental steps in order to ensure security to its end users. This problem is not only being faced by big companies, but it is rising at the fastest pace in even smaller online stores.


Fixed OpenSSL has to be deployed by OS vendors, appliance vendors and independent software vendors in order to adopt the fix by notifying users. Earlier it used to be security blemish while helps to provide a secure connection between server and clients. Individuals should update passwords across different web pages that may have been affected. Businesses as well as end users must be adaptable to change in order to satisfy demands of the changing environment. So IT leaders need to revamp their web pages to ensure proper means of security to its end users.


Apple has once again has proved its excellence by stating that its mobile, desktop and web services are not affected by Heartbleed security flaw. Apples iOS and OS X are recognized as a benchmark of excellence as it has never incorporated vulnerable software. According to the reports, Apple’s web based services have never been affected through any malicious software or any unwanted access. Infact it has suggested people to use its management tools as Lastpass, 1Password and safari browser password to keep track of multiple passwords of varied accounts.




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Apple Expected to Unveil iWatch in September

The drive towards new technologies is evolving day by day in order to meet requirements of consumers to fuel future growth.  As demand for technology surges, there is a greater need to adopt new approaches and strategies by fundamentally changing enterprise overviews. Thus enterprises are adapting to change with the recent technological advancements, cheaper data storage and higher processing. Apple has raised beyond expectations with the advent of new standards and has achieved higher productivity. Apple is struggling enough to unleash the full potential of technologies in every field, thereby identifying more opportunities to innovate. Thus, Apple on Tuesday stated that they are planning to divulge their identity into the wearable market in the month of August or September.

According to the tech giants, we can now find the latest technology trends with respect to the prospects of the firm. The three firms have catered Apple with a fragment of flexible circuit boards that are likely to be integrated into the iWatch. Apple’s suppliers are planning to enhance production in order to achieve higher productivity, thereby meeting  increased demands for iPhone and iPad circuitry. Apple is trying hard to pave its way  with framework of fitness and health experts, thereby providing iWatch project to its proficient developers.

As the speculations run high, the device is likely to work in correspondence with Apple’s forthcoming Healthbook App software. It will most probably be integrated with IOS 8 for new version of iPhones as well as iPads and is likely to be announced at the WWDC event in the month of June. iOS 8 is expected to cater improved Maps Application, revamped iTunes Radio app, iCloud support to third party apps, TextEdit and preview applications and enhanced tweaks to Game Center.  Apple’s next release of OS x, version 10.10 is also likely to be announced with iWatch release thereby achieving higher agility.

We may justly expect Apple to release more featured apps and devices in order to cater its customers with featured products and services. Apple with its team of expertise is expected to launch something that becomes entertaining and addictive to its end users thereby providing rich customer experience.


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iPhone 6 on Release Date Will Have These 10 Confirmed Feature Upgrades Packed with iOS 8 – Reports

Mobility with the growth of technology is at its pace that helps you to grow businesses in entirely new ways. Apple serves its consumers, employees, businesses and machines by leveraging mobility on distinct web-enabled devices. Apple therefore caters featured mobile solutions in order to drive more transaction, enhance collaboration and increases productivity. It has made its business more agile by catering featured devices and products to the end users. It is being expected that the next version of iOS is expected to usher along the release of iPhone 6 at Apple’s WWDC 2014 event in the month of June. We can now find the latest Technology Trends according to the prospects of the industry.

Specs and features of the iOS 8-powered iPhone 6 are outlined below:

Recommendation include certain features:

Performance boost: The key aspect of referring iOS 8 by codenamed Akemo is to monitor updates to existing apps thereby making everything prettier and faster for iPhone 6. Rather than focusing on software’s experience, they are working hard to deliver new mobile platform with high end hardware gorged inside iPhone 6.

Integrated apps:  Apple wants its applications to inter-connect seamlessly with each other on App Store thereby providing them feasible platform for communication. One user may flawlessly jump from one iPhone functionality to another by data sharing platform between apps.  iOS 8 is  likely to present new functionality of instantly uploading pic after being shot by iPhone 6 camera. Facebook or Twitter would automatically pop up  to recommend uploading the picture.

Automatic message deletion:iOS 8 consists of certain optional settings which will enable you to get rid of previous message exchanges. There is another alternative to turn off the function for the sentimental users who wants to get stuck into old memorable threads.

LTE-powered phone calls: iPhone 6 with iOS 8 is expected to make incoming and outgoing voice transmission via LTE network.  This feature is fully dependant on the service provider so telecoms will cater the infra for optimum enjoyment of the service.

Improved Car Play and Fresh Voice Memos interface:It is being assumed that the carplay will be enjoyed with IOS 8 introduction by pairing Bluetooth or Wi-Fi protocol with further cool driving features. User will acknowledge easier navigation and editing features with the help of automated control buttons at voice memos in iOS 8.

Stand-alone iTunes Radio and Simplified notification alerts: User will get ease to access music by listening online radio shows as a separate app in iOS 8. iOS users will now enjoy incredible features as Android like phone notification in more enhanced forms in iPhone 6.

Healthbook and More reliable Apple Maps: Apple will serve healthbook app in order to gravel way for a healthy lifestyle by monitoring function of the body. Whereas revamped Apple Maps in iOS 8 will likely to provide adequate directional data in real time, thereby blotting indignity brought by iPhone 5 navigational app.


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