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iWork for iCloud gains new design and sharing options

There is an ever increasing choice of apps with the boom in technology, so Apple aims to achieved higher productivity. Apple is renovating its iWork apps for iCloud, Mac and iOS with some notable improvements in order to compete with Microsoft Office tools as well as Google docs. There has been lots of technical improvements regarding the way Apple has shaped and launched new set of services, applications as well as devices. Apple apps have gone through a diverse makeover over the few years and evolved accordingly with it. According to the many analysts, Apple is updating its iPad works of productivity applications across its platforms.


  • iCloud has also gained substantial update related to design of pages, numbers and keynote along with support for retina displays with the competency to share view only documents. It allows user to share documents that can be viewed directly from iCloud mail but not edited.


  • All the apps have improved sharing functionality after the restoration:

    • Pages has the ability to edit charts and improved text wrap after being updated with new templates.

    • Numbers has augmented pop-up menu support.

    • Keynote allow charts to be analyzed in imported documents.

  • Keynote with renewed transition and builds has gained enhanced presenter display layouts while numbers has custom table styles, data formats and new printing options.


Whether Apple will be able to sustain itself for a long time in creating rich featured apps and devices is for the time to see. As the speculations run high, updates regarding iOS and OS X apps would be coming soon. We may just expect it to be feasible among end users as no one wants to get locked into same old existing features. Let us see what Apple brings next in order to cater its customers with rich featured services and products.



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iOS 7 now running on maximum number of iDevices

Apple since last year has gained consumer popularity by catering its large application database and iOS devices. This has paved the way for new set of solutions and services in the field of mobility enterprises thus challenging overall norms of technology. Enterprises need to embrace their product and services by adapting leading edges of the emerging technology. Apple has created biggest buzz last year with the release of iOS 7 thereby gaining exclusive popularity among tech giants. According to the reports generated on Apple’s app store, iOS 7 is now running on 85 percent of devices.


After the release of iOS 7 last year Apple revealed that it has seen exclusive adoption rate which is comparatively larger as was observed in previous decades. With its advanced feature like control center, airdrop and multi tasking it has taken the game away from other operating system. There is no denying the fact that it consists of a very exotic features of mesh networking for wifi and bluetooth. Recommendation includes the following features which led an increase in its adoption rate:


Control center: It gives you quick and easy access to the apps and features you always required to use including lock screen.  This single to do multiple tasks as switching to airplane mode and adjusting brightness of display.

Notification center: A single glance at an iPhone would let you know if you have got any mail, calls, to dos and dont’s. There is an ease of user accessibility on iOS 7 and you can get up to speed by just swiping down the screen.

Multitasking: Multitasking has always been a smarter feature to Multi task various apps by just pressing home button twice in order to see preview screens of apps you opened before.

Camera : Its  camera has always been a versatile form which can even shoot in a slow motion and an individually naturally wins great experience. Its built in photo management and image editing service are easy to navigate.

iTunes Radio: It claims to achieved higher productivity with its iTunes radio features which is available on all iOS devices for free.


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Apple may build an iTunes Android app


This year surely will be full of buzz in the tech world, with various launches lined up to  released. With emerging diversity, technology is moving ahead and expanding its products and services beyond smartphones and tablets.  Technology is becoming more and more agile and this wave might be larger than we think. Demands of people are rising beyond expectations so organizations are growing aggressively in order to maintain their market presence by catering allied services to the consumers. Apple is looking forward to accord with digital music sales, thereby launching an on-demand streaming service under its iTunes brand.


Few ways a streaming iTunes could compete with Spotify and its rivals

This year Apple claims to have achieved growth and higher productivity for the better part of the decade. Apple has sustained its position among competitors with its US launch of iTunes radio last year. This year as the speculation runs high, rumors stated that it is preparing to take on spotify and its rivals. Recommendation includes few ways that Apple could improve:


  • Apple could surely use its corporate thew to assure that it has certain unique exclusive features which are far better than its rivalries. It’s good relationship with music artists could serve them well in securing big albums.

  • It has skilled editorial teams working on app store, iTunes and iBookstore which could serve well in developing streaming applications.

  • Apple consists of technical expertise and a well established system which comes up with marvelous discovery features. It could also align on artists on releasing rich featured mobile apps themselves including ability to stream entire album and get paid for it.

  • Apple could make music videos as part of the service and thus can become the most artist friendly streaming service by providing good API for application developers.

Lots of potential, but also pitfalls:

It has been speculated that Apple is likely to announce its launch regarding streaming music in the month of June at its WWDC event. Let us see whether Apple could be able to make big splash in streaming music world in comparison to its competitors who have been doing a burdensome job in this field. The streaming iTunes launch has been highly forthcoming so we could expect few more gossips regarding its feature and deal making process in the coming months.



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iPhone 6: new phone ‘to get pressure and heat sensors’

In this modernize era of technologies demands of people are based on future oriented applications. Organizations are significantly dependent on their applications to cater rich featured products and services to the customers. The organization thus attains high performance and growth among the tech giants by delivering featured application to the end users. Recently there are a slew of Apple analysts that have stated that the Cupertino giant is expected to launch much awaited iPhone 6 later this year which will monitor temperature, humidity and pressure of its surroundings. App codenamed  healthbook is expected to coincide with the launch of iPhone 6 and is likely to monitor the condition of its owner along with meteorological conditions.

More iPhone 6 rumors

There is no denying the fact that people are making many speculations of what all other features will be added in the next iPhone. Recommendation includes:


  • A Liquidmetal shell: Some commentators have expected to turnout Apple as a Liquidmetal because of its slim profile. It is being speculated that handset could be more lighter with the optimum amount of strength and build quality.

  • Liquidmetal components: Liquid metal components as alloy could be used in forthcoming versions of iPhone in order to toughen up the weak points of previous iPhones.

  • Curved screens: According to the bloomberg report, the next version iPhones screens are expected to be curved down at the edges. New iPhones are said to be more durable, comfortable, better suited to watch videos and playing games. This would be an audacious move for Apple which will help them rank better among the market.

  • Quantum dots: Company is most likely to use tiny crystal semiconductors known as quantum dots in screens. It can reproduce large amount of colors accurately at highly specific frequencies than existing LED displays.

  • A-8 Processor: iPhone 6 and next generation iPad are expected to use A-8 Processor chip made by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

Let us see how much popular will these new launches be and how much longer will it’s craze remain among the end users. Whether this device takes the charm of being the best featured product of this year or not can only be seen after the release.


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Apple’s major first step into health & fitness tracking

Throughout the world many people are likely to change their minds with the change in emerging technologies. With the advent of new mobile technologies many healthcare apps are snapping up in order to cater to the people in managing their own health. The demands of people is placed on future-orientated mobility thus calling for a complete new approach to mobility services from providers as well as users. This is why Apple is signaling its interest in mobile healthcare and fitness tracking industry which will be soon displayed in an iOS application codenamed health-book. These changes thereby encourage a change in individual’s behavior by affecting their mobility needs as well as provision of mobility services.


  • The Health-book: The user interface of health book is similar to advanced form of existing passbook application. It is capable of monitoring health and fitness data pertaining to bloodwork, heart rate, hydration, blood pressure and many other things.


  • Fitness Functionality: Activity, weight and nutrition are the few major healthbook tabs dedicated to fitness tracking. Activity and weight function allow user to track body mass index, fat percentage and fitness progress.The nutrition tab allows you to take proper diet and thus this application is an exclusive combination for fitness freaks. Apple hired Jay Blahnik who will further contribute for the development of Healthbook’s fitness functionality.


  • Healthbook will monitor following health related issues:

  • Heart rate and blood pressure monitoring

  • Bloodwork, Oxygen Saturation, and Blood Sugar Tracking

  • Hydration and Respiratory Rate Measuring

  • Sleep Tracking


  • Emergency Cards: Rather than monitoring health and fitness tracking, healthbook will store user’s name, date of birth as well as over all medication information including weight, eye color, blood group and location. This information is mandatory in case of an emergency where patient is unable to speak for his illness. Healthcare application also allows users to add emergency contact information in order to notify his family member during an emergency. All these data will be stored in the various existing third-party iOS compatible health accessories.


  • Debut: Healthbook software is said to be tested with iOS 8, which is the next version of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch operating system. The anticipated rumors have also stated that iOS 8 will possess iOS 7’s design and features in more advanced form to increase it’s usage.


Let us wait and watch for forthcoming major releases and see whether this healthcare app may be able to transform health care industry for the betterment of society or not.



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