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Review-Consumer Watchdog Mobile.

News and magazine apps are dime a dozen in Google play store, but few can portray a unerring pretence of relevant information. The same can go for the Consumer Watchdog app which is a systematic catalog of consumer news, politics and activism. it is highly intuitive applications that ushers in rich content and impeccable UX design elements.

Taking full advantage of the screen real estate, It keeps you informed on the daily issues related to consumers which includes news releases, blogs, videos and podcasts categorized properly in a highly systematic manner.

The overall interface of the application is highly simplistic with home screen showing daily news articles. You can even search through the articles with dedicated keywords and streamline everything showing information relevant to you. The section category contains links to blogs, podcast, news releases and videos which can be used to access the information as per the requirement.

This is highly beneficial as users are able to differentiate between the information diminishing the hassle of going through irrelevant content. Like articles, users can also search between videos as well as podcast based on keywords.

Each article is optimized for mobile devices and incorporates responsive design elements that can transforms on various screen sizes. The best part of this application is that you can also optimize it to portray weekly action alerts. This alerts the relevant people to act on your complaints in timely manner giving weightage to your grievances.

You can also submit a real-time consumer complaint as the event is happening which gives an added edge to the information. It is an era of real time information sharing and getting you complaints looked into in real time is a huge upside.

Another vital aspect of this application is the Doghouse, where you can satirize any politician, company or product. This is an optimal way to show your discontent from anyone that has caught your ire. You can simply take their picture and put it where it belongs according to you.

Overall the application has been highly optimized to extend the functionality of consumer watchdog website to showcase in mobile interface. You can install this application as a free download from Google Play Store.